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7th January 2019

ARIES: It’s a good time to share your thoughts with well-wishers. You may find it hard to avoid spending money on self-grooming and anyway, you deserve it! Be ready for a demand from your mate to update your living standard as well. Your sweetheart may come up with a strange idea, but it is not as crazy as it first appears…
TAURUS: Focus on your relationship with friends today, the focus will be on you! What an excellent time to learn how your actions and attitude towards people affects the quality of your relationships.
GEMINI: You shall be in a position to take a new look at your financial needs and your ability to earn. New and profitable ventures are indicated. Good health is in store for you.
CANCER: You shall be able to achieve your ambition through hard work –a promotion resulting in increase in income as well as enhancement of status is also possible.
LEO: There will be a complete transformation in your life-success shall start coming to you without asking for it. A short journey is being planned around you try to be a part of the party.
VIRGO: Today the mood will shift into one of more sober responsibility, However, the atmosphere won’t change. There’ll still be impatience, excitement and intensity so deal with it through control rather than movement.
LIBRA: You may need to fine-tune your negotiation skills: remember that there’s a fine line between assertiveness and aggression.
SCORPIO: If you find yourself at odds with someone, look deep and see if you can understand what’s happening underneath the surface. Bright ideas solve problems.
SAGITTARIUS: Calm and routine – this is how your life can be described. Your health shall not be very stable -some minor problem or the other will troubling you but they shall be over soon.
CAPRICORN: You will get substantial rise in status and all round development shall start favouring you. Even your opponents shall be vary of your valour
AQUARIUS: Too much work and busy routines shall keep you tied beyond limit. Hence you shall not have any time to relax.
PISCES: Sure, there is much to do and sorrows to deal with, but what really matters is the love you have in your life. Be thankful on this creative, fortunate day.