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7th February 2019

ARIES: Today, you have an excellent sense of the future, but you also get a nice boost of power for getting things done. While your independence is in the spotlight, people around you seem to be pulling their weight, and it feels good. It’s a fine time for putting your plans in motion, or for expressing yourself assertively.
TAURUS: It’s a time when you come to an important conclusion or think up a doable idea regarding a career or public move. Whether you’re called to speak on a matter or you’re communicating less officially, your words pack more punch than usual. You’re particularly motivated to pursue your ambitions.
GEMINI: This is a good time for working on projects you want to publish, or for expanding your understanding of a subject. You’re also bound to attract people through your words and ideas. Sharing ideas can be fruitful today, with mutually beneficial agreements possible.
CANCER: You can learn a lot about someone close to you as well. You’re exceptionally frank about what you want, and you quickly discover the best thing to say or do to get where you want to go. It’s an excellent “idea day” for business and finances, too.
LEO: Today is especially keen for negotiations and dealings in general with others, particularly on a one-to-one level. You come across confidently, but you are also attracting confident, influential, or active people into your life. You’re able to push your agenda gently and support others in the process.
VIRGO: You’re not content to talk or think about problems and leave them at that, preferring to take some steps to resolve them, with your planetary ruler, Mercury, in aspect to action-oriented Mars today. Conversations tend to be to-the-point and discussions frank.
LIBRA: You may be a little flirtatious today, or particularly courageous about saying what you feel and pursuing your desires. If you need to, you can talk your way into–or out of–pretty much any situation now. Opportunities to show your more creative or romantic side emerge. Take them!
SCORPIO: You’re deriving more comfort and pleasure in the security that comes with familiar people, things, and settings. The Sun in your home and family sector is jibing with Jupiter in your finances sector, encouraging feelings of abundance and warm pride. It’s a time for getting creative with family, money, home, and business matters.
SAGITTARIUS: You have little patience for beating around the bush today! You are a quick study right now. Refreshing communications can be part of all of this. Your ideas are particularly creative now, and your sense of fun is even stronger than usual. You’re less interested in talking and thinking than you are doing and showing others what you mean.
CAPRICORN: What you can do with knowledge is more important to you today than simply knowing for the sake of knowing as Mercury and Mars connect in a harmonious aspect. You want to build, produce, and accomplish something tangible and measurable, and you’re likely to come across opportunities to do so now.
AQUARIUS: If you need to resolve a conflict, you get the chance to do so quickly and easily today, and you bring added pizazz and personality to most everything you do now. It’s a time for freeing yourself from negative thought patterns, and for putting thoughts and ideas in motion.
PISCES: You’re open to some improvisation and experimentation today, and the connections you make can be fun and inspiring. Interactions can be passionate, spicy, and energetic now. While you’re setting your sights high and thinking in big terms, you’re also prepared to tackle immediate concerns and problems.