7th August 2018


ARIES: The best way to spend today is to vary your routine as much as possible. There are days when you take comfort from sticking to a strict schedule, but this isn’t one of them.
TAURUS: Your motivation and enthusiasm will be very high and this factor will help you to overcome most of the obstacles and impediments, which may arise. If a new alliance gets off the ground, it will be tinged with idealism and you may always view the person concerned through rose- tinted spectacles.
GEMINI: You’ll need all the patience you can muster if you’re taking part in a family gathering because someone is being controlled and demanding. Today seems just the right occasion to strengthen the good relations.
CANCER: Your finances will never be far from your thoughts during today, so devote plenty of time to making sure that they’re running as smoothly as possible. You have a strong need for solitude now because that will be the best way to think things through.
LEO: Today is tension-filled, so buckle up your seatbelts! Important decisions may get delayed. Think well before you make decisions Avoid clashes and conflicts at the place of work.
VIRGO: Well, it’s fine to show your admiration but try not to worship anyone simply because of who they are or what they represent. If you begin a relationship with someone today it will be very intense and significant for you.
LIBRA: You’re in a very realistic frame of mind today, enabling you to see situations in their true light. You are rewarded for your foresight as far as work is concerned.
SCORPIO: This is a time when income shall increase you may find small sources of income adding to your purse these have the ability to increase over time so take care. Try to tuck away some cash so that it can be used later.
SAGITTARIUS: Someone has really been pushing your patience-boundaries. You have had enough and can feel the situation is about to erupt. Today the air will clear and hopefully, all annoyance will be removed from you permanently.
CAPRICORN: A fine time to entertain in the home, as you express and attention on your guests. Your public image will improve and you will lead people in your group, as you do things that are creative and unusual.
AQUARIUS: You find yourself in a debt trap and try to find out ways of coming out of it. It is a fine time to discuss your worries with a trusted individual, so seek advice and support. A simple adjustment of attitude is all it takes to smooth those romantic waters.
PISCES: You’re powerfully attracted to people who are important or influential today. You admire the position they’ve reached and maybe you’d like some of it to rub off on you.