7th April 2019


ARIES: Self-doubts can creep in today, but they can also serve an important purpose. Contrary to what you may hear about self-confidence and success rates, we can benefit from self-doubt from time to time as long as we use it positively.
TAURUS: Your best strategy today is to make yourself perfectly clear, without sounding too business-like or arrogant. The truth can hurt, but just for the moment.
GEMINI: Some challenges can emerge today, as you can be called upon to take responsibility for a past action, or could be questioned for your actions. Keeping a cool head can be a tad difficult today, as you can be feeling rather emotional.
CANCER: Your sensitivities are heightened regarding friendships and your community today, and you can feel strongly about a particular cause, or you’re especially aware of the dynamics of a friendship.
LEO: You may refuse to play by the rules right now, particularly in close relationships and in your professional life, and this can stem from a feeling of boredom with anything that feels too structured or traditional.
VIRGO: While there can be some tension around you today, you seem to be able to rise above it and enjoy yourself. For one thing, you are feeling quite secure in your position, and this helps to keep you in a positive frame of mind.
LIBRA: Relationships that have become too stale or humdrum can grate on your nerves today, and it’s probably best to think up creative solutions to the problem instead of acting out and stirring up needless conflicts.
SCORPIO: You may be seeking some breathing room now. Do what you can to entertain yourself if things are going sideways. Close relationships or partnerships need more attention today and tomorrow, but it won’t necessarily be smooth sailing on this front.
SAGITTARIUS: Consciously make an effort to ask more questions for best results today, and to listen well when you receive the answers. Responsibilities and demands from others seem to be coming in from all angles.
CAPRICORN: Positively, you have more initiative and energy for work projects, and can apply yourself with more vigor. Challenges can emerge if you push yourself too hard, or if you feel a great desire to work independently and it causes tensions with those around you.
AQUARIUS: It may not be the best day for acknowledgment and positive feedback of a more public nature, but you can make strides in your personal life. Love interests are seeing you in a most favorable light and admiring you for your more unique qualities.
PISCES: Today’s energies can be up and down as there can be frustrating energy. Pushing something seems to be blocked – practical affairs and realities have a way of emerging just when you think you’re going forward, and your progress seems to halt.