7th April 2018


ARIES: Just ride out the waves of the day’s interruptions and keep yourself in a state of cool detachment. Work still needs to be done. Take the advice of others, especially those experienced in the financial field.
TAURUS: Matters of co-operation will be first and foremost on the list for consideration. There are demands on your time and you’ll have to be here, there and everywhere for everyone.
GEMINI: Step back from your situation and see it from a different perspective.It may simply be that’s there’s been a lot of pressure and you need some relief from it.
CANCER: Your colleagues may not give the support you want as a result by the end of the day you shall feel drained out because you shall have to shoulder the burden of over. Bringing pressure of work to home shall create trouble on the home front.
LEO: Today fear of the unknown regarding finances digs in deep. Take a breather from pushing too heavily. Your confidence needs a boost, so explore your fears and seek reality in your hopes.
VIRGO: Financial discussions are best avoided, as agreement is difficult.Take a step back and assess the present hurdles regarding your aims. What are you physically putting in? What is this tension surrounding your expectations of those close to you and their efforts? Expect delays due to adjustments, discussions and decisions.
LIBRA: Depressive thoughts and unfounded worries will clear up and you will be your normal self again. If you are taking an exam or are in a competitive situation, stars are in your favor.
SCORPIO: Push to get to the heart of the matter. Unstable connections won’t last the distance with these stars.Feeling isolated? Others ignoring your ideas just add to the present confusion.
SAGITTARIUS: This is the time when being neutral turns the heat away from you. Being on the go and bending with the winds of change will see you progress. Your sweetheart may come up with a strange idea, but it is not as crazy as it first appears.
CAPRICORN:Today is pointing towards your general well-being and asking if you’re taking as much care of yourself as you should.New ideas and strategies about financial management will be in the air for discussion.
AQUARIUS: The stars signal that the changes you seek begin with you, not outside influences. Romance is clouded by unrealistic expectations and stubborn opinions. Put love decisions to the side for now.
PISCES: You will plan your day and will then sit back and let the schedule take care of itself.. You may even attain wisdom regarding some complex situation.