Sunday, December 3, 2023
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75th Naga Independence Day Speech of Ato Kilonser, GPRN, Col. (Retd.) Isak Sumi (MC)

On this historic occasion, the 75th Anniversary of Naga Independence , we give all glory to God Almighty for having sustained the Nagas all through our sojourn.
We also honour and salute the Naga pioneers and stalwarts for their indomitable faith, courage and visionary leadership for which the present generation Nagas could proudly proclaim our inherent rights as people and nation.
Today, we have reached a very crucial stage and on the verge of reaching an honourable political solution thus fulfilling the aspirations of the Naga people as a whole. Over the years of political negotiations, we have spared no effort in pursuing a practical approach towards resolving the Indo-Naga issue. Towards this, we rededicate ourselves to
At this juncture, we urge our countrymen across the world for your continuous prayer support that permanent peace and tranquility prevail in our land. Let all the past mistakes be forgiven and hatchet buried. And as people and nation let us redeem ourselves from the tentacles of regretful fraticides of the past that tore the Nagas apart, let us look up to God with a grateful heart for having enabled us to overcome all the tragedies and allowing the Nagas to come to reason and resonate together once again. Let us remain fully committed to God, for God alone is the truth and the answer to all our issues, let there be healing of tattered body and soul in our land, allow our people to once again rejoice and rejuvenate in all spheres of lives.
As we celebrate our 75th Naga Independence Day, we also salute all the freedom fighters, both the living and the fallen, and congratulate all the Naga National Workers for standing true and committed to the National call while also acknowledging the contributions of the Naga tribal bodies, civil societies, churches Naga women and the Naga public in general.
We must also appreciate Indian leaderships and the interlocutor Shri. R.N Ravi for their bold and holistic approach to resolve the decades of Indo-Naga conflict through peaceful political means and for acknowledging the inherent rights of the Nagas “to self-determine our future” which in itself is the cardinal achievement of our negotiation.
Until then, let us all look forward to a bright shared future where every Naga shall once again be proud to call himself a Naga in the true tradition of our ancestors with our heads held high amongst the community of people and nations across the world.
Once again, we wish you a happy 75th Naga Independence Day.
Thank you and Kuknalim!