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7 August 2020

ARIES: You may well feel a little hurt or betrayed, but today’s stars urge you to put the past behind you and get on with practical affairs. There is no point at all in raking over matters which are best left alone. Also, perhaps it’s time to be kind and let someone else off the hook.

TAURUS: The Moon’s relationship with your sign is a strong signal that you will have to take very great care with all partnership and matrimonial matters. Partners are unlikely to be fobbed off with excuses, so you could be put on the spot – at last. Get your story ready!

GEMINI: A lively Moon is a pleasant presence in your chart. By reducing your general level of irritability, it could make you much more sympathetic to others, increasingly able to charm partners, and hence that much more successful. With friends on your side, a number of obstacles will soon disappear, as if by magic.

CANCER: In a strange and somewhat perverse way, you are probably enjoying this period. Mars’ movement through intense regions of your chart brings out your latent conservatism, your feeling that many things are best left as they are. And maybe that’s no bad thing.

LEO: Take all due care and attention with financial matters, especially because if anyone is going to lose money or be over-charged, it’s you! You should also take a practical attitude to social arrangements, and ignore the frankly impossible.

VIRGO: Mercury, your planetary ruler, is beginning to make its lively presence felt, and a chance remark or encounter could give you the lever you need to force new items on to the agenda at home and at work. First, you have to stand back and give someone some extra space to sort themselves out. You know it makes sense!

LIBRA: Sensitive planetary activity brings out your confidence. In particular, it makes you increasingly sure of your ideas, and it gives you the necessary poetic skill to express yourself to good effect. That alone has to make the future worth waiting for.

SCORPIO: Personal dynamics are increasingly complex, as you are only too well aware. Other people have only been able to put you down in the past because you have allowed them. Now it is definitely the right time to pay more attention to your own needs and aspirations and lead a full life.

SAGITTARIUS: The Moon is bound to get you thinking, and make you realise that physically, financially and emotionally, you need to redefine your centre of gravity. For now, all you should do is plan. Action can be left until later – even if sooner than you think!

CAPRICORN: The Sun and Mars are now in a relationship which signifies a great deal of intensity on your part. You also seem to be suffering from an attack of doubt or a lack of confidence. The simple remedy is to get on with practical tasks until you succeed.

AQUARIUS: Your emotional situation is looking ever more buoyant, but everything revolves around the choices you allow yourself to take. At the heart of all your feelings is the question of commitment, and the need to decide whether to go, or to stay – or to dither!

PISCES: Today’s lunar alignments may grant you a temporary reprieve from difficult personal choices, and you may find respite in dealing with business matters, or just in going out to search for bargains. One piece of advice though – be sure to get value for money.