19th May 2018


ARIES: Even you will believe it after a while, so repeat after me: I am amazing. I am brilliant. I am worthy. Romantic opportunities arise tonight, so dress to impress.
TAURUS: You will find the early part of the day brilliant and stimulating, but later the energies become quite unpredictable and possibly dangerous. Itching to go on an adventure but stuck at home? Switch on the Travel Channel. You can always take notes for a future journey!
GEMINI: Stars are making this day the perfect time to play. Most Geminians never lose their sense of wonder, but if you have, it is time to get back in touch with that mercurial inner child. All work and no play is lethal for the Twins, so plan to have a lighthearted, not-a- care-in-the-world kind of day.
CANCER: Stars are helping your productivity today. Minor obstructions from those who should know better are to be expected, but your energy will be focused on work.
LEO: You will find today’s events strenuous and somewhat distasteful. Intensity is not your favourite entrŽe, especially when it is served by an emotional partner.
VIRGO: Be sensible and you won’t get into any trouble. Business opportunities or responsibilities may present themselves just as you are heading out the door… it might be worth it to stay an extra hour and tie up loose ends.
LIBRA: Today, stars are bringing certain relationship matters to critical mass. Could it be that your actions or perhaps lack thereof has brought this firestorm on?
SCORPIO: Your dreams may reflect your fears about money, power and sexuality , but today is quite fortunate for you in this arena. Take the opportunity to analyse the clues your subconscious mind is sending you.
SAGITTARIUS: It may be hard to stay on track today as daydreams dominate; give yourself frequent breaks in routine so you can capitalize on your creative energy.
CAPRICORN: Get out and boogie today, to get rid of the blues. Stay out of arguments and plan a workout for this evening to release nervous energy… you’ll feel much better after you work up a sweat.
AQUARIUS: The general feeling is quite unsettled, with conflict in the air between partners, at home and at work. The problem is deep-rooted. Could it be that your actions, or perhaps lack of action, has brought this firestorm on?
PISCES: You will aim high as and you’ll find it’s never too late to learn something new. Good fortune is with you, so consider buying a lottery ticket or two as well… it won’t hurt to join the office pool.