Thursday, April 15, 2021

7 September 2020

ARIES: Energies today are easygoing,but also gently encouraging. You’re in particularly good shape for making progress on a project or business endeavor, making a purchase, or taking special care of your things.

TAURUS: You’re feeling in big ways, and transits seem to encourage you to pursue your personal dreams. There are opportunities to express yourself constructively and satisfyingly today. Your communications more readily reflect what’s going on in your heart.

GEMINI: You continue to need and benefit from a little time off on an emotional level, and sidestepping overly noisy or demanding situations would be a wise choice if feasible. Something might work out to be easier than you previously imagined today.

CANCER: Your imagination is active in a supportive manner, and your vision and optimism are strong. Connecting with kindred spirits is possible. It’s relatively easy to find satisfying outlets for your needs. Community-oriented or networking activities thrive.

LEO: Your increased faith in your dreams and ideas today can lead to especially good feelings. Paying special attention to the more subtle layers and details of your life comes more naturally. It’s a time for finding the meaning in recent events. Leadership qualities are prominent, even though the day isn’t flashy or especially dynamic.

VIRGO: You continue to look for opportunities to spread your wings in some manner today, with the Moon’s all-day transit of your solar ninth house. Your urge to explore new ideas and experiences is strong. You feel freer to pursue your interests today, and sharing ideas can be satisfying.

LIBRA: You’re answering your intuition more than usual today, and you might see new layers of a situation altogether. Research, analysis, solving problems, and devising strategies are in favor. Your focus vastly improves, and you feel less scattered.

SCORPIO: You’re in better shape than usual in your relationships as long as you aim to live in the moment without rigid expectations. You’re communicating with heart, and there is less “noise” around you to distract you from expressing the intentions behind your words.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re emotionally geared towards the smaller details of your life, and you’re more invested in the practical things you do or the services you render. Ideas are particularly innovative for pursuing your work or achieving your goals.

CAPRICORN: Aim to seek out ways to refresh and revitalize your life in areas that have become a little too dull. Pacing yourself, however, is the best use of today’s easygoing energies. Small changes can lead to significant improvements, particularly related to your creative world and romantic life.

AQUARIUS: here may be opportunities to repair, heal, and nurture yourself. Feeling content with what you have can allow you to regroup. Even so, you’re inclined to be productive, particularly in thought or memories that inspire you. It’s important to let ideas grow and play out in your mind.

PISCES: New ways of relating can figure strongly, and even though they’re not necessarily radical, it’s refreshing to connect differently. Relationship repairs are favored if they’re needed. You may feel motivated by the feedback you receive now, and gratefulness with others can help you bond.