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6th November 2019

ARIES: You can be very attached to your home but maybe it is time to move on and consider relocating. Expand your circle of lifestyle considerations. You can’t complete your work if you haven’t practised certain elements of it. If on the other hand, a problem is already dead, don’t try to revive it.
TAURUS: Digging up the past is necessary sometimes but only for the purpose of resolving any emotional hurts or resentment. If you’re ruminating without any clear purpose other than to daydream, this will ultimately destroy your peace of mind so it’s time to move on and occupy your mind with something else.
GEMINI: You may be completely unrealistic about your love affairs during this cycle. What you’re seeing is not real and if you are basing your plans upon these flimsy emotional foundations you need to think again. Regarding your needs and desires, especially of a sexual or intimate nature, it’s healthier to speak up about them rather than remaining silent.
CANCER: You need to show just how capable you are today but don’t let this desire be a reactive blast from your ego. You have competitive instincts now which help you in your work but may show some practice in your ego especially in a social context.
LEO: A new friendship can start now and this may arise as a result of some professional connections or introductions. Don’t mix business with pleasure but by all means, develop your friendships and use your networking to improve your profitability.
VIRGO: You have power over others now and you know it. Don’t abuse it as the laws of karma are swift to retaliate. If dealing with the intellectual thickness of a moron or two known that this creates too much reaction in you. Accept that some people’s minds are far denser than others.
LIBRA: Work at this time requires constant re-assessment of your abilities and prevailing trends. At the moment, you’ll feel alone and unfulfilled if you’re not interacting with others. Catching up with friends and engaging in shared activities will be very rewarding and provides you with the positive energy you need.
SCORPIO: You may be casting judgements on or entering into head-on confrontations with people unnecessarily, all because you need to get information on a subject first. Study, study, study and only then enter into the fray.
SAGITTARIUS: You could be feeling a little tired and once again you need to take care of your health and build up your physical resistance. You’re living life in the fast lane at the moment need to put the brakes on. Your emotions could be topsy-turvy and dwelling on one aspect of a problem is stopping you from seeing the bigger picture more clearly.
CAPRICORN: You may notice that there is altogether too much thinking going on now. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Trying to second guess others or figure things out, maybe spinning your wheels. So be intuitive now if you need to churn your grey matter.
AQUARIUS: You are likely to be passionate about the wrong things and possibly likely to use coercion to get what you want. There will be a clash of wills as a result of these difficult aspects so patience and sensitivity are essential.
PISCES: Opportunities to spread your wings and fly appear now. Implement your ideas even if they seem crazy to others. Great achievements are usually made by those who break a few rules. You get some flack in your professional and personal life by being different. You’ll prove them wrong and a financial windfall or a new door opening will be your “revenge”.