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6th May 2019

ARIES: Applying new information to business and money ventures can figure strongly. It’s also a time for working with natural talents and putting them to practical use. When stressed, there can be some worry or overstimulation related to money, possessions, and resources.
TAURUS: Self-taught endeavors can be particularly satisfying. This can be a time of additional money coming in. You may jump off the fence about a matter or reach a significant conclusion.
GEMINI: Past issues or private matters are a strong mental focus. You can benefit from contemplative or meditative activities, research, and reflection during this cycle. You may be a little more secretive or indecisive, but you might also consider this a time of increased mental rest that’s been a long time coming!
CANCER: At this time of the year, your mind is especially open, and communications flow smoothly. There can be a marked mental focus on dreams, wishes, hopes, and happiness goals, as well as an increased interest in what others are doing, saying, and thinking.
LEO: It’s an excellent time to spread the word and promote your work or services, as well as for communicating, planning, and sorting out important goals and projects. Your thinking is goal-oriented.
VIRGO: You’re entertaining big ideas and projecting yourself into the future, and this focus tends to help raise your spirits. Your practical affairs are not as less of a preoccupation, and you are more courageous and spontaneous when expressing your opinions and sharing your ideas.
LIBRA: You’re inclined to watch and learn rather than throw yourself into the action during this cycle. You may be doing some research and investigation now. It’s a fine period for intimate conversations or consultations.
SCORPIO: People in your life can help you get in better touch with your ideas as conversations with them jumpstart your thinking processes. Discussing matters with people in your life is useful, and your reaction to their feedback helps you to better understand your own needs and wants.
SAGITTARIUS: Small jobs and duties are in stronger focus. It’s an exceptional time for tidying up your life in significant ways, but it’s vital to avoid overthinking and worrying, which can happen a little too easily under duress while this cycle is active.
CAPRICORN: You may get the chance to shine or stand out from the crowd on a mental level, or this can be a time of clearer expression of your feelings, ideas, and personality. You’re in a good position to move fun projects and pursuits forward and to bring a little more creativity or imagination to your work.
AQUARIUS: With more objectivity applied to your personal and family affairs, your choices and decisions tend to be a little more well-rounded than usual. It can be a time of evaluating your inner feelings, values, and connections, or of assessing and negotiating in your domestic life.
PISCES: There can be more contact with family, peers, classmates, or neighbors. You enjoy a rather smooth, natural flow of communication with the people around you. Intellectual companionship becomes more important than usual to you.