6th March 2020


ARIES: Somebody, or people in general, can grate on your nerves in spots, though, and you seem to see the more unflattering side of people right now. Differences of viewpoint aside, you can motivate yourself to handle a nagging problem.
TAURUS: It’s a strong time for incubating ideas, but not the best time to launch them. There is a sense that you have to rush, be first, or get something done right away when haste probably isn’t necessary.
GEMINI: While you seek mentally engaging activities now, impatience may be a problem, and the pace of the day can be a little chaotic as it advances. This is especially the case if you want to push something forward that needs more time to develop naturally.
CANCER: Watch for too-quick criticisms and conclusions today. There’s also a tendency to be clinical in situations that require more tact or thoughtfulness. Mental activity is intense, making it easy to get into arguments.
LEO: You might rub someone the wrong way with the appearance that you know better, or you could feel others are too pushy with you. It’s difficult to discern between whim and true desire today. However, this can be a fine time for mental energy.
VIRGO: People from your past can be on your brain or reappearing in your life now. Be careful not to criticize someone in the process of trying to sort things out. Impatience is the downfall of this combo, but the tension it creates can be used to charge through something that needs your attention, which can work in your favor.
LIBRA: There can be so much to think about that you may have a hard time turning your thoughts off long enough to relax. Or, the atmosphere around you is so chaotic that you can’t hear yourself think. Impatience can lead to disagreements or irritability.
SCORPIO: While it’s a generally good time to satisfy your needs for learning experiences and conversation, it may be best to reserve judgment today since some facts can be missing or difficult to see. Pressure builds as the day progresses, and it’s wise to watch for impatience and avoid pushing something that you can’t change, allowing for unexpected changes that are out of your control.
SAGITTARIUS: Tensions can rise as the day advances, particularly if you are relying on schedules to go as planned or if you feel pressured to rush. Check in with yourself since we can sometimes put pressure on ourselves when it isn’t warranted.
CAPRICORN: Complicated feelings can quickly bubble up to the surface today, seemingly out of nowhere, and it may not take much to trigger frustration as the day advances. Still, mental tension can be used to your advantage if you become determined to take care of a matter that’s been hanging around too long!
AQUARIUS: The tendency for something to burn out nearly as quickly as it’s started runs very high. Both physically and mentally, avoid overexerting yourself today. Aim to pace yourself. Be careful that you don’t attempt to force an issue or talk ahead of yourself.
PISCES: There can be tensions with a friend, or distractions get in the way of work or business. The trick is to avoid activities that require patience or attention to detail if you can. Extra energy seems available on a mental level, and it’s best applied to something productive.