Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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6th March 2019

ARIES: A new cycle of rest and replenishment is upon you — a period of letting go, reviewing, and recharging your batteries, both spiritual and physical. Circumstances are such that they force your attention to your spiritual needs and mental health.
TAURUS: It’s a time for considering your goals that involve networking, connecting with others, joining or strengthening ties in a group project/activity, and nurturing goodwill.
GEMINI: Career and manifestation are in the spotlight! There can be a pleasant feeling of reinvigoration when it comes to your life plan goals, although there can be some backtracking involved before you see solid or consistent forward movement.
CANCER: Avoid making important decisions just for now, though, since it’s still too early to know your precise next step. Instead, take in and draw upon your intuition, which can serve you exceptionally well. It’s vital to draw upon patience before a plan unfolds, but you can enjoy a pleasing change of pace that’s in the air now.
LEO: It’s possible that a setback or sudden awareness of your needs can inspire you to start fresh, seeking to turn things around positively. This may relate to a dependency or financial matter.
VIRGO: Negotiations and one-to-one relationships are highlighted during this New Moon cycle–it’s a time for working on close relationships. Issues of sharing and partnership come to the fore.
LIBRA: It’s a time for breathing new life into old routines, or for approaching your daily life in a new, more inspired manner. Perhaps due to a dilemma experienced this week, a reinvigoration process begins now, and this is a time to start fresh!
SCORPIO: It can be a passionate time for you, but there can also be some related confusion or the need for patience as a story unfolds. Feelings and connections are a little complicated at the moment.
SAGITTARIUS: There could be a previously neglected area of your life that now seems necessary to revisit. Living arrangements and conditions might be overdue for a change, but since Mercury has just turned retrograde in this same sector, there can be some complications or backtracking involved before you see overt forward motion.
CAPRICORN: Improving your communication skills or taking bigger risks with learning and communicating may be in focus, but since Mercury has just turned retrograde in this same sector of your solar chart, this can be a time for expressing yourself in new ways or through different channels.
AQUARIUS: You might be discovering ways to better manage your money and things now, and this particular lunation demands a highly creative approach–perhaps an unconventional one!
PISCES: The weeks ahead are powerful for beginning a new chapter of your life, and there can be some backtracking involved or the need for a creative path to getting where you want to go.