6th June 2019


ARIES: You can put some zing back into your relationship with sexual intimacy and shared resources all better now. If things have gone sour, or you’re feeling bored and need to inject life back into your love life, it’s up to you to do your part.
TAURUS: Your astute communications skills will currently require you to intervene between two opposing parties to help determine the outcome of a certain event. Make sure you discern the proper approach in your discussions as you should neither help nor hinder either party, but should simply offer you impartial advice to both.
GEMINI: You may feel that you are oscillating between two extreme courses of action today – one of retreat and the other of daring audacity and this relates directly to your finances. If you’re swayed by the opinions of others over monetary matters you may ultimately regret not relying on your own instincts and taking the less safe path.
CANCER: Matters associated with government attract your attention today, if only because there’s some confusion surrounding a particular matter. This may even relate to overdue paperwork as relating to taxation, annuities, superannuation etc.
LEO: Unsavoury elements in your relationship are issues that are getting out of your control. What you can control is your reaction to your partner but not them! Some hidden aspects of your personality may come to the surface now. This will affect your relationships positively if you use this understanding wisely.
VIRGO: It’s not appropriate to travel and your intuition tells you so. There may be some confusion around this matter and you don’t feel comfortable about it. Its a better idea to wait for the appropriate signals and of course be certain that you have the money and other resources to cover something of this nature.
LIBRA: You are likely to make an important change at this time. Many of your habits may no longer feel right. You may change your manner of dress, hairstyle or another aspect of your appearance. You want others to think of you differently, and these changes can be effective in helping you better express your current feelings and interests.
SCORPIO: You’re probably too tired to talk today and won’t mind listening to others talking incessantly, even though you’d rather not. The trick is to pretend you are taking it all in. Because you see troubling times looming, you may be pre-emptive with someone in order to diffuse a situation.
SAGITTARIUS: Friends could be coming out of the woodwork just now but they could start crowding you and giving you little room to breathe or move. On the lighter side, it’s a most appropriate planetary transit to express your emotions towards those you love and feel close to.
CAPRICORN: You still have several days of high-quality ideas which you can use to further your professional objectives with. Don’t be afraid to share them. You can also use these insights to improve your relationships. You are reactive and likely to go off for no reason.
AQUARIUS: You have the ability to persuade someone to do some dirty work for you right now. As long as you don’t impose on this person too often, your friendship should remain intact. Big shifts can happen now even within a few days while the Moon is moving through your ninth house of spirituality.
PISCES: Reconnecting with past friends and others from yesteryear may be an important aspect of your karmic cycle now. But not all of these contacts will be pleasant and there’s a possibility of dredging up old hurts and grievances.