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6th January 2020

ARIES: Daydreaming now can be very good for the soul–and even for business matters! Attention to long-term goals, career, and responsibilities continues, but today’s energies are particularly suitable for considering creative ways to approach your goals. Someone has your back right now, or you can make a connection with someone who has excellent ideas.
TAURUS: You’ll find it easier than usual to draw on imagination and intuition that inspire your dreams and plans. Routine seems more unappealing than usual, and you seek out different experiences or lines of thought that keep you engaged and intrigued. You might come up with new, creative ideas, particularly for overcoming problems and negative or distressing situations.
GEMINI: Forgiveness and acceptance come more easily now, and they can be cleansing and rejuvenating. It’s a good time for clearing away leftover issues from the past. Your intuition serves you particularly well regarding career moves or strategies for success. It can be a time for receiving support or help, possibly quite unexpectedly.
CANCER: It’s particularly wise to listen and learn from people in your life today. Treating all as equals can be enlightening and can open doors. The Moon moves into the sign just behind yours later today, signaling the need for a bit of extra downtime for a couple of days. It’s a natural time of the lunar month for winding down, processing, and digesting before making your next big move.
LEO: You have more faith that everything will fall into place. While you’ve been feeling very much in charge when it comes to taking care of your daily affairs, you now benefit from considering the imaginative or creative side of the equation. Trusting your inner guide works well for you now.
VIRGO: Your view of people may be a bit more idealistic, romantic, or influenced by your fantasies and ideals today. You’re bringing more imagination, creative flair, and compassion into your relationships, perhaps even a little harmless drama. It’s easier than usual to surrender to the unknown and put your faith in something or someone.
LIBRA: As much as you may have craved tangible results recently, right now, you recognize some of the intangibles that give life a little extra flair. Good energy is with you for a retreat of sorts. Work done at home or on the home can be inspired now. You’re at your best when you’re taking part in activities and work that foster your creativity and desire to grow, contribute, and improve.
SCORPIO: You’re reconnecting with your spiritual goals, compassion, and intuition now, and it can feel quite magical! An experience or person is likely to expand your perspective. There can be pleasures and possibly inspiration through short trips, running errands, and casual conversation. Finding commonality with someone unexpected might figure strongly now.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a strong time for reassessing current paths and thinking up ways to flesh things out in such a way that they are more fulfilling. On a practical level, it can be a fine time to get a great deal or a pass on a problem that has been weighing on your mind. You are looking to make your life feel more secure and comfortable now, and you might stumble upon interesting information, gifts, or purchases that help you move towards these goals.
CAPRICORN: Considering what you may have been missing or what might help round your life out more fully can be helpful now. You might decide whether your highest goals and ideals are well-represented in your current plans, and if not, refinements may be in order. It’s also a fine time to act on your more charitable impulses.
AQUARIUS: While you could be feeling a little out of step with others, taking the time to review your feelings is a good idea now. Fortunately, a transit active today encourages you to let go of fears and make your intuition work for you. You can be feeling strongly about helping others, and volunteering your support or services can be rewarding.
PISCES: You find it easy to accommodate others, and the connections you make today and tomorrow are satisfying or rewarding. You might seek out activities and endeavors that give you a stronger sense of meaning or purpose, and you’re more likely to find them now with your intuition as strong as it is today.