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6th January 2019

ARIES: You may have to put up with people today who love to gossip. You have reason to celebrate, as your proposal gets approval that can open new doors of success. A close one may be in trouble and needs your help and insight. Be quick to act on good ideas. Today, romance becomes a very sensitive issue.
TAURUS: It’s an excellent time for catching up on communications. Don’t be too hard on yourself regarding some emotional issues. Discuss common interests and new ideas will emerge. Looking for love? You just might strike it lucky. Open up your heart to your sweetie.
GEMINI: This is a quiet day when the focus is on personal concerns. Talks with a senior or expert can bring you beneficial information. Keep a tight rein on your purse today. Solving a lingering problem together with loved ones brings you closer to them. Avoid high-pressure antics to get your own way with your beloved.
CANCER: It should be easier for you to get along with other people at work today. While everyone has definite opinions, you are appreciated all the same. Opportunities will unfold if you give a little time to an experienced friend. Be prepared for some kind of upheaval in romance, but that can be a learning experience.
LEO: You may be left smarting inside because of someone’s insensitive remark, but news about a travel opportunity should please you very much. An influential contact opens the doors for your career now. Financially, you’ll exercise plenty of initiative. A meeting with your beloved towards evening is likely to be full of fireworks.
VIRGO: Formal presentations and informal pitches both go very well and there should be plenty of ways to arrive at a solution at work. Someone may underestimate your ability to promote a pet project, so there’s a likelihood of unnecessary tension building up. In romance, view all obstacles as opportunities.
LIBRA: You may find enough time to devote to a work-related project after all. Today you’re tempted to go overboard tooting your own loud horn. Don’t exaggerate, or you may be frowned upon. Overspending is unavoidable. Work pressure dominates romance and your attitude towards what you want in love is changing now.
SCORPIO: Don’t get discouraged if a work problem seems difficult to handle at the moment, You’ve got a good business brain and will find success if you keep plugging away at the problem. You may be able to squeeze a little fun and profit out of a deal.
SAGITTARIUS: Work-wise, you can relax a bit as there is an equal amount of give and take in the stars for you today. An offer can fall in your lap that brings well-deserved returns from the exercise of your talents. On the domestic front, you won’t get far by complaining. Interactions in your love life can be a lot of fun, though you may sense that a third element is also in the race with you.
CAPRICORN: It’s high time to get important details in order and save yourself from paying penalties. The day favours new changes or redecoration on the domestic front. Arrangements for a fun outing are likely to be made at the last minute. Be ready as your mate may have crazy plans in mind.
AQUARIUS: Unexpected changes of plans can be helpful all round and those close to you are supportive when you reveal the details of your venture. Someone not so close is sure to bring some sunshine into your life. It’s all good! Control the urge to go over the top with a gift for a special someone. You should spend more time with your sweetheart now.
PISCES: It’s a good time to share your thoughts with well-wishers. You may find it hard to avoid spending money on self-grooming and anyway, you deserve it! Be ready for a demand from your mate to update your living standard as well. Your sweetheart may come up with a strange idea, but it is not as crazy as it first appears.