Friday, September 24, 2021

6th edition of the Frolic Cup 2019

Match report of the 2nd day, 24th April.
(1) First match between United Falcon Club vs Seprouliezie Y.O.
United Falcon blanked Sepruolezie Y.O by 5 goals to Nil and proceed to the next round of the tourney. Goal Scorer for the UFC are Komezo Kuotsu (2goals), Vimegolie, Mangal and Nourhielhoulie.
(2) Second match played between Kuki Youth Club Medz and NU SASRD Medz.
KYC took the game away with 3 goal to 1.
Goals for the KYC come from the boot of Lentinlhang Singson(2goal) and Athang Singsit.
Consolation goal for the NU SASRD FC scored by Shanchothong.
(3) Afternoon First Match.
In a close game, Young Challengers FC defeated the Seikhohem Memorial FC. The match ended in 3 goals to 1.
Goal scorer for YCFC are Lamminlun Hangsing (2goals), Noulievituo Pienyu.
SMFC consolation come from the boot of Lulun.
(4) In the afternoon Last Match, played between Amigos FC Medziphema and United Brothers FC, the Amigos completely dominated the match from the start. The one sided match ended with the score line 8 goals to Nil.
Goals for the Amigos coming from the boot of Khriese Terhuja (4 goals), Lima (3goals) and Akie Kuotsu.

Match Schedule for 25th April.
1st match: 7 a.m.
Vision Holders FC Vs Kukidolong Village Youth Org.
2nd match : 8:30 a.m.
Sirhima Youth and Students Union Versus Rising FC
3rd Match : 1 p.m.
Tribal United Versus Lei-Ngai FC
4th Match: 3 p.m.
Shooting FC Versus Green Hill Club.