6th April 2018


ARIES: Do your best to keep your cool today, otherwise annoying silly things will really get on your nerves. You need to pay attention to your health at the moment: yes, I know, you’re so busy, but these niggly problems can easily spiral out of control.
TAURUS: You will feel secure and confident. Your mixed attitude towards life may make you run in circles. Some kind of excess may appear. It may be food or insatiable desire for material possession.
GEMINI: The price of living or doing things a certain way makes itself known.It’s one of those trying days when people are irritating and you’re sorely tempted to say so, but will that achieve anything?If other people will be affected by your plans, make sure that you keep them fully informed.
CANCER: Control your emotions and set out to handle the situation more diplomatically.If you vent your frustration through arguments and outbursts, you will only worsen your position.Your partner is in a very picky and pernickety mood today, making them liable to go off pop at a moment’s notice.
LEO: Your bank balance may see the bottom if you cannot control your desires at the right time.This is a relationship — or it’s on its way to being a relationship — and, like any relationship, it’s going to require a little compromise. No big deal.
VIRGO: Do not let your impetus get the better of you. You may want to do something quickly, but everything has its own time schedule. If you push too hard you may hurt those who matter.
LIBRA: You should maintain an open attitude and listen to what others have to say.There may be some news from a person who may have neglected you for quite some time. This will be a fortunate event.
SCORPIO: Too much work and busy routines shall keep you tied beyond limit. Hence you shall not have any time to relax .You have to be extra receptive in order to be ready to receive benediction. Good Luck is with you.
SAGITTARIUS: Today will be a mixed day for you during this time the workplace is going to change for sure and you will be an important instrument in this change. Act with care and prudence as enemies at workplace emerge out of nowhere. If you can handle your emotions and let your head rule over your heart, you will earn appreciation and reward.
CAPRICORN: Favorable time frame, no harm shall touch you. Watch out for lies and misleading information behind the scene activities will also be clear to you. You will be the subject of discussion and you will be rewarded.
AQUARIUS: Enemies will be around you and within your knowledge. You will be victorious – they will be subdued or vanquished.They go at their pace, you go at yours. Everyone marches to their own drummer, and all that. No need to get upset about it. You’ll all end up at your destination in the end.
PISCES: This is a great time to get to know someone as well as exchange views with them. This is not a good day to make important decisions. Brilliant efforts may be dragged down by external forces. In business, you stand your ground on some issues.Today you’ll have the freedom to choose your path in romance.