Saturday, April 17, 2021

6th Annual Hutton Lectures held at Kohima

KOHIMA, December 4: The 6th annual Hutton Lectures was held Monday at the Valhalla Conference Hall, The Kohima Institute. Scheduled in conjunction with the annual Hornbill Festival, the Hutton Lectures provides a space for reflecting on the year’s advances in research and teaching, an invitation for critical assessment, and summons towards greater collaboration among civil society, non-governmental and government institutions.
The Hutton Lectures is a year end lecture and symposium organized by the Kohima Institute and financially supported by the institute’s Board of Trustees and collaborating institutions. The main purpose of the lectures is to take stock of current sociological research in the eastern Himalayan region with special reference to Northeast India. The event brings together local, national and international scholars to discuss original research in a seminar setting and assists postgraduates seeking to present and participate in discussions.
In his welcome note, Dr Kekhrie Yhome, President of the Kohima Institute expressed hope that the research in the region will create a positive image and also contribute towards nation building while stating that the region has not been fully understood. He hoped that the lectures will further broaden the scope of connecting South Asia with South East Asia.
Major General Pradeep Nair, Inspector General of the Assam Rifles was the chief guest on the occasion while Hutton Lecturer, Dr Roland Platz, Curator for South and Southeast Asia Ethnological Museum Berlin delivered the keynote address and dwelt on “The meaning of collaboration: policies of the Ethnological Museum Berlin”, “Tradition and identity: a Naga exhibition” and “Database project of the Ethnological Museum Berlin.”
Elisabeth Seyerl, Humboldt Forum, Berlin gave a presentation on “We are still here: A collaborative exhibition project with the Omaha community.” Tiachenla Imchen, The Kohima Institute presented a paper on “Documenting the log drum oral tradition of the Ao Naga” while Amenla Imsong, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune gave a presentation on “Loom technology of the Ao Naga: An ethnographic study.”
Other presentations included “Assam relief measures: Post WW2 reconstruction and the twilight of the British Empire in Northeast India” by Deepak Naorem, University of Delhi and “Fighting for empire: recruiting the hill men for war during World War II” by Limasenla Jamir, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
Certificates, concluding remarks and vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Michael Heneise, Director, The Kohima Institute. (Page News Service)