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15th July 2020

ARIES: There are massive expectations and demands on you, and you need to find a balance. Tensions in your interactions tend to have power dynamics at their root, and pressures coming from within are likely to do with performance, ambition, and expectations. Pre-existing problems in your relationships or work can build to a head.
TAURUS: If someone isn’t catching onto your ways or views today, it may be better to wait things out. A buried issue can emerge, or tension can revolve around opinions or how someone communicates with you, particularly if you feel that person is trying to overrule you.
GEMINI: A problem that may have been weighing you down could reach a turning point since this transit tends to throw light on some of your worries and fears. You might recognize the need for support or to better manage your life regarding support systems.
CANCER: You might need to deal with a difficult person or situation, or the conflict may be taking place inside you. Others challenge or block you, or someone is trying to control you. Alternatively, an attachment can be holding you back from exploring your options or new opportunities. You may need to break free from a situation to clear your head if it’s been holding you back.
LEO: Needs seem almost overblown now, and pressures to get things done can be enormous, even if your heart isn’t in it or you are not feeling up to par emotionally and physically. Your desire to unwind and relax may be challenged, and it’s best to recognize your need for a healthy balance.
VIRGO: Be as honest with yourself as possible, because if you’re clinging to something so tightly that your friendships or personal growth are suffering, you’d be wise to take small, substantial steps towards managing this fear. You may find yourself at cross-purposes with someone, or in a battle with yourself.
LIBRA: Tensions can surface, and resisting, fearing, or avoiding change may only serve to increase them. Recognizing the need to make adjustments is preferable now. Still, it’s best to make gradual changes since rushing things when you’re tense won’t help.
SCORPIO: Even with a lot on your plate, you need to take a break from time to time to refresh yourself and clear your mind. Consider that you may be limiting yourself if you stick too closely to certain habits and methods. This also applies to ideas, since if you do, you won’t make room for learning something new.
SAGITTARIUS: There can be challenges in relationships or the sudden awareness of something that you’ve laid to rest and now need to face. This can be about money matters or power dynamics in a relationship. Consider that others’ emotional stances may merely be a cover for a desire to win your approval.
CAPRICORN: You may feel others are challenging you or showing you something about yourself that is highly revealing. There has been more of this kind of energy in your life than usual this month. Try to treat this as a time to better understand yourself and avoid counting on someone to do exactly as you want or expect.
AQUARIUS: Aim to tackle guilt, insecurities, or attachments interfering with your productivity or proper routines and self-care. It’s a fine time to examine your fears, but it’s important not to give them more power than they already have by dwelling on them. Balancing your attention to mental and physical health or work and relaxation seems to be most important now.
PISCES: If you’ve been holding on too tightly to people or projects at the expense of expressing your true self, you’ll be feeling the restriction and looking to make changes. Events have a way of revealing situations or pursuits that have been draining you of energy or taking up too much of your time.