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65th KVSA meet concludes; T Khel retains overall champion


Kohima, January 22: The weeklong LXV (65th) Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) meet concluded with Tsütuonuomia Khel retaining the title of overall champions for the fourth consecutive term and a magnificent display of fireworks at Khuochiezie (Kohima Local Ground) today.
In the week long meet, T Khel topped the medals’ tally with 36 (18 Gold, 14 Silver and 4 Bronze), followed by L Khel- 35 medals (14 Gold, 14 Silver and 7 Bronze), P Khel- 34 medals (13 Gold, 13 Silver and 8 Bronze) and D Khel- 21 medals (5 Gold, 9 Silver and 7 Bronze).
Winning four Gold medals, Neiketoulie Belho of T Khel bagged the men’s individual champion and Khriezelhounuo Keyho of P Khel with 3 Gold emerged as the women’s individual champion.
Ngusanyü Phewhuo of T Khel was conferred with the best athletic coach title.
T Khel bagged the champions in athletics and games events too while D Khel won the Naga wrestling category.
In the Naga wrestling meet held today, Menuosetuo Yiese of D Khel emerged the champion title and was awarded with a cash prize of Rs.50, 000.
Dzieselatuo Keretsü of D Khel, Keviser Dzüvichü of L Khel and Khrietsonyü Whuorie of T Khel stood 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions and received Rs. 30,000, Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively.
In Cross Country Race (Men), Thejakhrielie Mechülho of P Khel won the first position. Kevise Belho of T Khel, Lhouvisalie Mere of P Khel and Khriebeilie Sorhie of L Khel stood 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively.
In women’s category, Khriezelhounuo Keyho of P Khel bagged the first position while Ruokuosanuo Kire of D Khel, Dziesekuonuo Linyü of L Khel and Rüütuonuo Belho of T Khel stood 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively.
Khriezelhonuo Keyho and Roukuosanuo Kire broke the previous records set by Ketoukuo-ü Sote (P Khel) in 1994 with a timing of 44:44 minutes. Both of them completed the race in 44 and 44:03 minutes respectively while the new record will be the lower one.
Later, Kohima Village Council chairman Helievio Solo gave away prize to the winners at the closing ceremony this evening.
The closing function was chaired by LXV KVSA Meet 2022 core committee convenor and KVYO general secretary Neingusalie Khruomo.
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