64th Naga Republic Day Message


Dear Fellow Nagas,
I offer my highest praise and gratitude to the eternal God who has granted me His most wonderful grace in keeping me most hale and hardy; enabling me in the name of Naga National Council to once again greet our People, our Nation with the Naga Republic Day Message as well as the most profound Kuknalim ( Victory to Naga Land) to everybody who is worthy of the blessing divine.
On this auspicious occasion, allow me to retell The Story and also share a few things weighing quite heavily on my mind in the briefest nutshell.
It is but of the truest of facts that the Naga National Movement for free and independent Nagaland has been being pursued for a very long time. But till now there has not been any tangible solution nor is there any single one in sight for the immediate future. Spare me a few moments of intense and honest contemplation afresh as to why this has remain so elusive and apparently difficult.
It is now more than 70 years since Nagas have declared their independent status in plain unmistakable language most truthful.
Even the war between the Nagas and the Indians has also dragged on for all of these 60 odd years.
Is it not the biggest of wonders, almost attaining the mystery status, that such a small nation, very few in number and extremely powerless as Nagaland could and would prevail against such a mighty and powerful nation as India for all of 70 or more years, most true?
Bare and factual physical strength wise, India is way over, far much too strong, beyond measure. But when the scales of justice and morals come to be applied, Nagas are most truly and fully in the right to the uttermost, leaving India abysmally short and completely wrong from every point of consideration.
The Indo-Naga case is actually a very unique and exemplary epical conflict of Truth and Righteousness versus vain strength of Might and Number.
Human equations of World politics would most surely go in favour of strength of might, number and cunning manoeuvring. Putting things in this temporal perspective, how can Nagas even ever consider opposing India in the first place? Nagas would surely have perished many times over, long time ago. But then how on Earth could the Nagas been able to somehow come thus far, even winning crucial battles more often than not; against the multitudinous mighty nation of India in the conflict? Is it by any inherent Naga virtue? Most emphatically no! Nagas have absolutely nothing whatsoever at her disposal worth boasting about. It is all made possible because of God Almighty’s loving kindness alone in its singularity. From here itself the love of God towards us is made most obviously apparent; and His grand intent to show the whole World of His immeasurable might and power by and through the agency of the insignificant Naga Nation; the design of which should be most plain even to the simplest mind to understand. The Naga Story is actually that of the never failing love of God from the very start and would eventually end on that same sweet note. It is my most ardent belief that the grand design of Almighty God must surely include the conscious acknowledgement of Himself – JEHOVAH as the One and Only true GOD by the whole World; through this Indo-Naga confrontation and the miraculous resolution thereof.
If one is to learn anything from History; God in His Omniscience might surely be training and nurturing the Nagas as He did with His own chosen people of Israel in the ancient past; putting Divinely controlled obstacles and hardships along their ‘Exodus’ route as conditioning measures and whetting stones. In the same historical parallel; as He hardened the heart of the Egyptian Pharaoh to become extremely resolute then, the hearts and intents of the Indian leadership might just as well be being rendered most irrationally unrelenting now!
Otherwise, how could India ever be maintaining the present, most unreasonably awkward position in spite of knowing the rights of the Nagas thoroughly well, even inside out? She has bogged her own self most hopelessly down by committing many unforgivably grave blunders, one worse than the other. It is more than sure that she would never ever acknowledge the actual truth of Naga Sovereignty out of her own magnanimity nor her natural sense of justice.
I repeat myself in the very honest concession that Nagas don’t stand even a very slim chance of gaining physical victory over India no matter how hard we try. But if the Nagas’ aspiration for Sovereignty being most adamantly insisted upon be continuously met by India’s vehement refusal to accede and the matter gets stalled as of now – what then?
In such a stalemate, mere human wisdom, scheming and efforts would be found much too inadequate and has to inevitably give way to Divine arbitration ultimately.
Once upon a time, some well-meaning sincere Christians approached the then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi with God’s message revealing to her that, among many other things, she should acknowledge Naga Sovereignty and set the Nagas free and the failure to act on which the mode of her violent end was plainly made known. But she chose not to pay heed and most tragically faced exactly what the Holy Spirit had foretold and forewarned.
Also in 2016, another group of God’s messengers had gone to Delhi and relayed the stern tidings that unless India honours Naga Sovereignty and set the Nagas at liberty soon, she would face and bear many hardships and very great loss. And the Government of India has so far chosen not to react in any favourable manner.
Everything under the Sun has a beginning and a conclusion as well. I, for one, do very strongly feel that the conclusion is drawing near and am most intensely watching for the final outcome since many developments are moving at very good pace too.
The loving, yet righteous God also conveys this urgent appeal to the native Nagas who are opposed to the Naga Nationhood that they must surely change their ways of thinking otherwise they will also perish along with the idolatrous Indians, ahoy!
May the Nagas gain their imminent victory soon in God’s matchless Name and that same Name be ever most greatly magnified and Universally glorified for all eternity.
I most sincerely pray that God would most abundantly bless all the readers and heeders of this solemn proclamation.
Praise the LORD!
Gen (Retd) Thinoselie M.Keyho
Naga National Council : Nagaland

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