Monday, May 10, 2021

64th KVSA Meet: Wrestling today at local ground

Kohima, January 10: The five day 64th Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) Meet will conclude on Saturday with Naga style wrestling competition between the four Khels of Kohima Village from 9 am onwards.
At 12, the cross country race will be held while the valedictory function will be held right after the wrestling tournament.
Day-5 Results:
Football (Men)
1st – Lhisemia Khel; 2nd – Tsüruonuomia Khel
Basketball (Men)
1st – Dapfhütsumia Khel, 2nd – Lhisemia Khel
Basketball (Women)
1st – T. Khel; 2nd – L. Khel
Volleyball (Men)
1st – L. Khel; 2nd – D. Khel
Volleyball (Women)
1st – D. Khel; 2nd – T. Khel
Chess (Men)
1st – Neibazotuo Yhome (L. Khel)
2nd – Keneilhoutuolie Vizon (L. Khel)
3rd – Er. Neisavotuo Sachü (D. Khel)
Chess Team Event
Gold – L. Khel; Silver – D. Khel
Badminton Men Single (Open Category)
1st – Teisovise Khruomo (L. Khel)
2nd – Atsüu Miachieo (L. Khel)
Badminton Women Single (Open Category)
1st – Ruokuoneinuo Kire (D. Khel)
2nd – Khriepekreinuo Rutsa (Pfutchatsumia Khel)
Badminton Men Doubles (Open Category)
Position Name Khel
1st Rüvuokhrielie Roland Pienyü / Neilavonyü Rutsa P. Khel
2nd Atsüu Miachieo / Menuosatuo Mepfhüo L. Khel
Badminton Women Doubles (Open Category)
Position Name Khel
1st Nguluonuo Miachieo / Dzüziengunuo Linyü L. Khel
2nd Ruopfüvinuo Kire / Ruokuoneinuo Kire D. Khel
Badminton Team Event
Gold – L. Khel; Silver – P. Khel
Table Tennis Men Single (Open Category)
1st – Kevichatuo Liezietsu (L. Khel)
2nd – Kevirielie Dzüvichü (L. Khel)
Table Tennis Women Single (Open Category)
1st – Zelhouneinuo Rame (P. Khel)
2nd – Keneilhouvinuo Khezhie (D. Khel)
Table Tennis Men Doubles (Open Category)
1st – Kevichatuo Liezietsu / Mhokuovizo Kesiezie (L. Khel)
2nd – Thejangutuo Solo / Thejakhrienyü Solo (T. Khel)
Table Tennis Women Doubles (Open Category)
1st – Zelhouneinuo Rame / Ruokuolhounuo Rame (P. Khel)
2nd – Khrieletuonuo Khruomo / Kesoneinuo Khruomo (L. Khel)
Table Tennis Team Event
Gold – P. Khel; Silver – D. Khel (Page News Service)