Monday, May 10, 2021

64th KVSA Meet Day-II sets 9 new records: Kekhrievor Sekhose win 1st KVSA U-16 wrestling

Kohima, January 8: With the Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) meet being held for the first time in Indira Gandhi Stadium that has a national standard track, the meet saw an overwhelming breaking of records that were created in the previous editions held at Kohima local ground.
Till the 63rd edition, the KVSA meet used to be held in the local ground but in this edition all the track events are being held in the IG Stadium which has quality field. While three new records were created on the first day, the second day of the field & track events on Wednesday witnessed breaking of nine previous records including that were created 26 years back in 1994.
In 100 metres race (Men), Neiketoulie Belho of Tsütuonuomia (T) Khel set the new record of 11.22 seconds breaking 1994 record of 11.32 seconds created by Atsüu Miachieo of Lhisemia (L) Khel.
He also created new record of 23.35 seconds in Men’s 200 metres race breaking the 2014 record of 24.25 seconds set by Menuokhrielie Solo of T Khel.
Neiketoulie Belho also joined Medoneituo Sekhose, Keviphrü Sekhose, Keneitseizo Belho in breaking their own record in 4×100 metres relay race of 48.31 seconds of 2018 by completing the race in 45.33 this year.
In 100 metres race (Women), Dziesengunuo Solo of T Khel completed the race in 13.90 seconds breaking the 2018 record of 14.35 seconds of Kekhrieneinuo Solo of T Khel.
The 2018 record of 29.93 second in women’s 200 metres race set by Dziesengunuo Solo of T Khel was broken by her team mate Kekhrieneinuo Solo setting a new record of 29.42 seconds.
She also joined Kekhrieneinuo Solo, Rüduolhounuo Belho and Rüütuonuo Belho in completing the 4×100 metres relay race breaking the record of 1:00:15 minute set by herself along with Neikesonuo Belho, Keneizenuo Suohu and Kekhrieneinuo Solo in 2018 by completing the race in 57.87 seconds this year.
In 800 metres race (Men), Kikrusilie Kire of Dapfhütsumia (D) Khel set a new record 2:10:17 minute breaking Keneinguzo Sote of Pfutchatsumia P Khel 2:12:18 minute record of 1994.
In Men’s Discus Throw (Men), Khrielasakuo Keretsü of D Khel set new record of 34.65 mts against his own 2018 record of 34.52 mts.
Dziesezotuo Rutsa of P Khel set new record of 54.07 seconds in men’s 400 Metres Race breaking 55.57 seconds record of Menuokhrielie Solo of T Khel set in 2014.
Meanwhile, Kekhrievor Sekhose of T Khel has emerged as the champion of the first ever U-16 Naga style wrestling held as part of KVSA Meet. Vizotuo Sekhose bagged second position while Thegyuolhoulie Keyho of P Khel and Vistseituo Dzüvichü of L Khel won third and fourth positions respectively.
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Day-II Results:
100 Metres Race (Men)
1st – Neiketoulie Belho of T. Khel (New Record 11.22 sec)
2nd – Pelengulie Kire of D. Khel
3rd – Mhasiletuo Yhome – L. Khel
100 Metres Race (Women)
1st – Dziesengunuo Solo of T. Khel (New Record 13.90 sec)
2nd – Dzüvichünuo Rutsa of P. Khel
3rd – Kekhrieneinuo Solo of T. Khel
Triple Jump (Men)
1st – Keviphrü Sekhose of T. Khel
2nd – Kevirüduo Dzüvichü of L. Khel
3rd – Keneinguzo Sote of P. Khel
800 Metres Race (Men)
1st – Kikrusilie Kire of D. Khel (New Record 2:10:17 sec) IG Stadium
2nd – Petekhrietuo Solo of T. Khel
3rd – Kevise Belho of T. Khel
200 Metres Race (Men)
1st of Neiketoulie Belho T. Khel (New Record 23.35 sec) IG Stadium
2nd – Dziesezotuo Rutsa P. Khel
3rd – Mhasiletuo Yhome L. Khel
200 Metres Race (Women)
1st – Kekhrieneinuo Solo T. Khel (New Record 29.42 sec) IG Stadium
2nd – Dziesengunuo Solo T. Khel
3rd – Rüduolhounuo Belho T. Khel
Discus Throw (Men)
1st – Khrielasakuo Keretsü D. Khel (New Record 34.65 mts) IG Stadium
2nd – Khrietseizo Khezhie D. Khel
3rd – Vizakietuo Suohu T. Khel
400 Metres Race (Men)
1st – Dziesezotuo Rutsa P. Khel (New Record 54.07 sec) IG Stadium
2nd – Keneitseizo Belho T. Khel
3rd – Mezhükhrietuo Solo T. Khel
400 Metres Race (Women)
1st – Kekhrieneinuo Solo T. Khel
2nd – Rüduolhounuo Belho T. Khel
3rd – Kelhouneinuo Rutsa P. Khel
High Jump (Women)
1st – Dziesengunuo Solo T. Khel
2nd – Vikuobeinuo Khruomo L. Khel
3rd – Ruokuosanuo Sachü D. Khel, Rüütuonuo Belho T. Khel and Viriezhünuo Solo T. Khel
4×100 Metres Relay (Men)
1st – Neiketoulie Belho, Medoneituo Sekhose, Keviphrü Sekhose & Keneitseizo Belho of T. Khel (New Record 45.33 sec)
2nd – Kevichütuo Kire, Pelengulie Kire, Petekhrietuo Kire & Khrieketouzo Khezhie of D. Khel
4×100 Metres Relay (Women)
1st – Dziesengunuo Solo, Kekhrieneinuo Solo, Rüduolhounuo Belho & Rüütuonuo Belho of T. Khel (New Record 57.87 sec)
2nd – Khriezekhonuo Keyho, Dzüvichünuo Rutsa, Kelhouneinuo Rutsa & Khriengutuonuo Mere of P. Khel

Medals Tally
Khels G S B Total
Tsünuomia 15 9 10 34
Dapfhütsumia 5 6 3 14
Pfuchatsumia Khel 4 5 4 13
Lhisemia Khel 0 4 5 9