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6 September 2020

ARIES: You feel a little aloof today and perhaps quite self-absorbed at the same time. What people see isn’t necessarily what they get. You’ll have to make sure that your talents are not inadvertently underrated now.

TAURUS: Today is all about self-control, focused willpower. You must take advantage of this cycle so you can channel your energy and ideas. You can direct your emotions in a controlled and creative way. While original sparks of brilliance are what you want, you may have to be patient for a trickle-down effect.

GEMINI: You may be feeling some emotional and mental pressure today. This makes it difficult to complete tasks. Consequently, the message seems to be’ clear out, consolidate, and renegotiate. Don’t wind up with more stuff while forever paying for the privilege.

CANCER: It’s time to take a second look at your credit situation. Analyse what your current circumstances are. Avoiding what needs to be done is easy. For now, that’s probably been an automatic default. Simply burying your head in the sand and doing nothing about it won’t help.

LEO: Dealing with another person’s reactive tendencies can be draining and infuriating. Don’t forget, psychic vampires are everywhere. On top of that, you sense there are secret undercurrents in the discussion. You must look at a confrontational situation more creatively.

VIRGO: You have positive feelings today towards those you love but feel irritated, even aggressive. You know your limitations but have been avoiding confronting your own self. It takes work and you’re hard-pressed for time. You don’t have the mental or emotional space to deal with these things right now.

LIBRA: Today’s reading is about enjoying who you are and connecting with close friends. In turn it’s about shining that self-esteem to the world around you. The people you know are likely to express their feelings towards you as a positive reflection of happiness and friendship.

SCORPIO: Today is beset with some level of inner frustration. Don’t allow others to keep you stumbling in the dark. Sometimes there’s a sort of emotional leverage that people have by pulling the wool over your eyes and not telling you the whole truth.

SAGITTARIUS: Your psychic and intellectual landscape is a trifle jagged right now. Although your energy is coming in fits and starts, your follow-through is being punctuated by bright ideas. Interruptive people also demand attention now. There may be dramas connected with your day-to-day affairs.

CAPRICORN: What you can’t do for yourself, maybe friends can do for you. As one of the laws of power stipulates’ get others to do the dirty work for you’ All in all, you may not need the help of anyone. Your imagination is soaring and you’ll easily find solutions.

AQUARIUS: Getting your feelings out into the open at first seems easy but you probably won’t bother. You should even though that could be emotionally difficult. Your idealism is high but be careful that your partner’s on the same page. The planets support you in expressing yourself.

PISCES: Direct your energies into removing habits that are holding you back. This may be an unconscious response to situations that are a throwback to your early life. Although you may not be completely aware of what’s going on, a little practice will help you catch yourself out when triggers arise.