Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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6 July 2020

ARIES: You can make some important contacts through your acquaintances but there may be a delay in things unfolding. Don’t let responsibilities way you down today. Dealing with uncomfortable issues requires proper timing. Today isn’t the day to handle problems that will drive you to distraction.

TAURUS: Just because you’re earning a little extra money this week, doesn’t mean you need have to spend it all. Cut back on overheads to save more. You’ll feel more relaxed opening up in a mutual exchange with someone. Sometimes you just need to let off steam.

GEMINI: When dealing with money you need to be more unconventional. Seek some help to get your head around financial matters that are over you had. You’re focused on others, but don’t become dependent on them. Find the perfect balance between give-and-take.

CANCER: You may be getting closer to someone. If you’re single you might have mixed feelings about that. You don’t want to deal with anything unknown today. Don’t let that affect your memory though. It may be someone’s anniversary, so jotted down in your diary.

LEO: You are ready to oust old and frustrating ways of doing things. Whatever has outworn its usefulness in your life will have to go. There may be some difficulty breaking old habits. Your persistence will eventually pay off.

VIRGO: Unbending viewpoints will cause differences between you and others today. Generously allow everyone their religious or political differences. Your mind and emotions are hung up on some relationship that’s long gone. You need to cut the ties with the past and enjoy the moment.

LIBRA: This is a time of mental intensity, profound insights and powerful ideas. You could become compulsive and stuck on some concept. This might be about money and how to earn more. Some doubts may arise if you have extra responsibilities surfacing.

SCORPIO: If you’ve been obstructed recently, now is the time to move forward. Be positive about achieving your goals. Some extra money may come your way. But that’s not your focus. On a personal note, only understanding and self-forgiveness are relevant to your spiritual growth.

SAGITTARIUS: Persistence rather than anger is what’s going to pay off today. Don’t let hormones determine the course of action. You could notice some corruption in your immediate vicinity. Should you speak up or keep it to yourself? Let your inner voice guide you.

CAPRICORN: You could be running on empty right now. You need to refuse dates, outings and other social get-togethers until you get your energy back. You’re not the fastest decision-maker right now. You could be oscillating on some matter. You’re at odds with a friend or your partner over personal matters.

AQUARIUS: Relationships and domestic matters are in the spotlight today. You desperately want to improve your relationships at every level. Is that same commitment being reciprocated by the one you love? If not, you need to address it head-on, even if it gets a little heated.

PISCES: Today you can channel your moods and energy in whatever direction you wish your willpower a strong. You are likely to gain benefits in a roundabout way. A powerful and intellectual person may intimidate you.