6 July 2019


ARIES: You’re focused on work at present and you will be dreaming of bigger and better things. You need to work through your workload and your targets systematically to figure out exactly what you want. You may be quite scattered and therefore focusing on any one of these objectives won’t at all be easy.
TAURUS: You could be running on empty right now. You need to refuse dates, outings and other social get-togethers until you regain your energy. You’re not the fastest decision-maker and you could be oscillating today as well. You’re at odds with your partner over some personal matters today.
GEMINI: You don’t have to say too much today as your entire aura will say it for you. Silence is golden and it will speak so much more than words. You need to hide your intentions at the moment and keep your moods and thoughts private and anchored.
CANCER: Friends or relatives may visit and bring a bright sparkle to your domestic environment. This should be a loving and enjoyable day. You can resurrect an old idea that may have been ahead of its time. Try to use your existing network of friends and work colleagues to see how you can develop it.
LEO: You are feeling confident today, but a stray comment may undermine that if you allow it to. Keep the compass pointing north and don’t allow others to tear you down. Home life should be fulfilling, even if someone is trying to obstruct or disturb you.
VIRGO: Relationships and domestic matters are in the spotlight for you now and you desperately want to improve your relationships at every level. The question is, do you feel that this desire is being reciprocated by the other person in your life? If not, you may need to address this and in a head-on, perhaps confrontational way.
LIBRA: You have a strong element of self-doubt that you need to squash. You are actively underrating your ability, and this is causing you to present yourself to others as much less capable than you are. Rather than seek help from others, make confident decisions.
SCORPIO: You may be asked to take on a task which is quite formidable but well within your capacity to do so. New doors are opening. If you have children, teaching by example is essential at present, especially developing negative habits.
SAGITTARIUS: You want some peace of mind, but you may be badgered into going to a conference or study group. You’ll have to make the best of this and extract what you find useful for your own needs. Expect delays with government bureaucracy or other utility departments.
CAPRICORN: You may feel as though you’re being ignored by the people closest to you, but you probably haven’t noticed that they have issues too. Intense emotional and romantic affairs pop up with a real chance for travel associated with these acquaintances.
AQUARIUS: You will accomplish something now. Although it took you a long time, you are satisfied that the task is complete. Enjoy a night out on the town. Someone from your past may actually hold the solution to a problem you are now experiencing. Don’t be afraid to share these experiences with them.
PISCES: You could have some irrational fears at present, and if you can’t sort these out yourself, talk to a psychologist or someone who has worked through these issues. Debating the nature of the universe can be a lot of fun, but it can also waste a lot of time and make enemies.