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6 February 2020

ARIES: There’s every possibility that the news you’ve been waiting on will come shortly. This may not necessarily be a windfall or any major life-shattering information but you’ll be able to breathe more easily knowing what you know. So relax for now.
TAURUS: You’ve probably been a little quiet about your needs and desires. At the moment it would be healthier for you to speak up about them rather than become silently uncomfortable. Don’t feel that you are being a burden. Those closest to you will understand and be glad to help you.
GEMINI: You can be explosive regarding abrupt changes in finances, especially if you are in any sort of partnership. Speak clearly, without emotion when addressing this. Your career objectives are improved now due to powerful planetary influences. It will bring you some opportunities on a silver plate.
CANCER: A new friendship commences and this may arise as a result of professional connections and introductions. Don’t mix business with pleasure, but by all means, develop your networks. Use your HR links to improve and gain the appropriate access to the movers and shakers.
LEO: Your finances will undergo periodic changes. You may gain through inheritance, alimony, or insurance benefits. You aspire to do something more unusual in your life during this cycle, especially if boredom is taking over. Try something new, even if it’s a little scary.
VIRGO: At the moment you feel alone and unfulfilled especially if you’re not interacting enough with others. Catching up with friends and engaging in shared activities will be rewarding. This will provide you with the positive energy needed.
LIBRA: You may be casting judgement on or entering into head-on confrontations with people unnecessarily. This is because you didn’t secure the correct information first. Check again’ You’ll be extremely efficient today, but efficiency has no place in the bedroom.
SCORPIO: Dealing with people may be time-consuming and frustrating at present. It’s time to clear up misunderstandings or commence new relationships with a whole new attitude. There are times when you need to offer others an ultimatum.
SAGITTARIUS: Pay attention to where you leave valuables during this cycle. You may be a little absent-minded and are misplacing things. On a brighter note, look forward to a raise in pay or an unexpected bonus. You may need to offer a quiet word to those who have the power to increase your income.
CAPRICORN: Eliminate inflexible viewpoints because they’re only going to cause problems between you and someone you genuinely like. Circumvent religious or political differences which may ultimately get in the road of a good relationship.
AQUARIUS: Opportunities to spread your wings and fly appear now. Implement your ideas even if they seem crazy to others. Great achievements are usually had by those who break a few rules. You’ll receive some flack professionally by daring to be different.
PISCES: You are definitely in the mood for sharing with anyone and everyone. This sense of limitlessness is a wonderful thing. Are you, however, discriminating carefully enough as to whom you’re giving away your hard-earned cash’ Think twice before parting with money.