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6 August 2020

ARIES: Taking risks seems to be the only way you’re going to leapfrog to the next level. Even if you’re afraid of the unknown you’re ready for the jump. However, you’ll find it hard acting alone. Your plans could be thwarted. You’re feeling vital at the moment but you may also need your own space.

TAURUS: You desire a new life elsewhere so this cycle is connected with endings, legal matters and possibly moving or purchasing a property. Helping others may be tedious today as it’ll be more out of obligation than any sense of compassion. You mustn’t do something that doesn’t come from the heart.

GEMINI: You’re pushing yourself too hard today and must be more patient and gentle on yourself. You’re trying to accommodate too many people. You also have needs. You can work with others constructively and share your vision.

CANCER: You could be focusing on what you haven’t achieved rather than looking at how great your work is. Your value system is at odds with others now. Someone’s temper indicates strong feelings that have been subdued or repressed.

LEO: Others aren’t satisfying you so don’t feel obliged to hang out with them if you’re uncomfortable doing so. Simply walk away from the situation. Speed is one of your keyword today and as long as you keep your attention focused you’ll be more than able to complete a number of things.

VIRGO: If you’ve been following rules and feeling dissatisfied with your work generate your own rules. You’re now able to create your own new standards. You’ll discover new and hidden talents that surprise you and others. This will push you in a new direction.

LIBRA: Get back to simple needs rather than complicating your desires. If you do this, being happy and contented will be easier than you think. If you expect a better performance from yourself at this time, you may need to incur additional overheads to make it happen and they needn’t be financial.

SCORPIO: Don’t be too frivolous with friends or they may not take you seriously. To get your point across, take a slower, more measured approach. If you and someone are having problems of a similar nature it may be useful to pool your mental and emotional resources to come up with a creative solution.

SAGITTARIUS: You don’t necessarily want to stay at home but need to support someone who’s having problems now. Sacrificing your time and energy is necessary. You aren’t receiving the responses you’d like from your social activities.

CAPRICORN: You have to redefine family structures according to what’s acceptable and what’s not. You’re living the same life through habit rather than creating a new one for yourself. What you need is a plan. You must then implement it. Someone you work with is exerting their authority.

AQUARIUS: Dreams and wished for luxuries can finally be yours if you’re brave enough to believe you deserve them’ You are finally standing stand and can be free of judgments. Stake your claim. Don’t escalate disputes but rather, narrow them down and stick to the point.

PISCES: You might take an expedition to a lovely scenic area and reconnect with nature. This will refresh your mind and give you a new perspective on life. Space is essential to get your thoughts in order. Your impressive track record can be used to advantage now.