5th September 2019


ARIES: You can make significant inroads into securing your future. You have to be ruthless so don’t let others distract you from a single-minded purpose. Contracts related to money will bamboozle you, don’t break down things into smaller chunks so that you can slowly assimilate what’s on offer.
TAURUS: Your convictions become very strong and you pursue your deeply felt interests with passion. This can be a very creative time, although you can a bit of a fanatic too. You have some wonderful opportunities to forge new business partnerships and generally feel lucky with your connection with the world.
GEMINI: You’re dissatisfied with the “same old tune” you’ve been living over the past few years and want something completely different. You’re drawn to the unfamiliar. You are more flexible and inspired to change your style and traditional approach and habits in many areas.
CANCER: There’s no question this is a tough time. Intense emotional change is likely and you’re ready for it. Your relationship with your mother and your family will transform you. Analyse your innermost feelings and thereby assume more power. You’re ready for a new start.
LEO: You’re likely to feel that others don’t really understand you and that they are inflexible and uncompromising. However, the demands that they make on you arise because this is a time when you must give a little more and take care of past negligence.
VIRGO: Your monetary habits aren’t exactly under control right now, but you are able to find new ways to earn extra cash. Balance income and expenses. You may feel an urgency to temporarily escape from realityand all the confusing elements that surround you by seeking isolation, either physically or mentally.
LIBRA: You’re likely to do something based upon impulsiveness and obstinacy to prove simply that you can do it. Do you really want to go down that path? You may win the battle, but don’t forget that this doesn’t mean you will necessarily win the war. You may ultimately lose on that count.
SCORPIO: You can be highly concentrated by a new project or idea at this time. You will find yourself unusually settled in your mental focus. Someone close to you may misinterpret your attention to the details at hand as a dismissal of them.
SAGITTARIUS: There’s a distinct anomaly between your philosophical beliefs and practical life now. Your challenge is to anchor and apply your internal spiritual knowledge to worldly matters. In simple terms, live what you believe.
CAPRICORN: Use your knowledge and experience in a way that will gain support from the people you admire. Although you have financial concerns, you’re still confident enough to spend on something you feel you deserve. This is a good strategy so don’t feel guilty about it.
AQUARIUS: You have the green light now to move forward on a plan, contract or agreement. You may not have thought that it would get legs but now it has. Move slowly, however. If unresolved personal or business issues are weighing heavily on you, take some affirmative action now and resolve them.
PISCES: You are fascinated by a topic that previously left you cold. It may overlap into other areas you have an interest in. Keep the doors of exploration open. You feel annoyed that you’re carrying the weight of others’ responsibility. It’s your choice. Say something.