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5th November 2019

ARIES: You have it within you to muster up that little extra drive you need to propel your ideas into the world. No need to hesitate, just go for it. This is one of those times when you have a chance to gain momentum.
TAURUS: You mustn’t allow yourself to be drawn into the promise of easy money. Qualify the credentials of salespeople and smooth talkers. Your personality is extra attractive to others today. Expect a small gift of appreciation from someone. This is a happy few days, so enjoy it.
GEMINI: Don’t leave the routine to chance today as you have a lot on your plate both in terms of your working life and personal activities. Prepare everything methodically and double-check your appointment times are on schedule.
CANCER: Be alert to the possibilities in your life just now. If you have been reluctant to pursue some activity due to shyness, lack of confidence, or laziness, now is the time to come out of your shell and come forth boldly.
LEO: You are confusing your relationships. Don’t make hasty decisions even if you’re put on the spot. You’ll be attractive and others will want to be part of the game of life that you are playing at this time. Eating and drinking and having loads of fun seems to be the theme, but just don’t overdo it.
VIRGO: You may have no hope of breaking free of a work situation which is depleting you of energy. You may need the money but don’t appreciate the stress. Focus more clearly on the work rather than what you don’t like about it.
LIBRA: You want to come out the winner but you’ll have to restrict yourself if you’re contesting a certain dragon on the work front. Simply remain co-operative but you don’t need to go into battle. This is a dangerous time to be secretive.
SCORPIO: Your mental energies may be at an all-time high but your physical levels could be well below par, especially if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Don’t burn yourself out yet because you’ve still got so much to do!
SAGITTARIUS: You could push yourself a little too hard at work and this could affect your physical wellbeing at present. You’ve been too highly self-critical and this is the fuel that is pushing you. You must again give time to your inner life.
CAPRICORN: Don’t fight the status quo today. Don’t tempt the heavy hand of authority or people that want a fight. Learn some tactful new forms of self-control to manage the situation around you. Use a bit of silence and restraint to your advantage.
AQUARIUS: You don’t want to follow anybody else’s lead at this time so fortunately you are able to find ways to be yourself and even be a little “crazy” without offending or upsetting others. A sense of independence is making itself felt within you.
PISCES: Things may be hanging in limbo at present. There is so much suspense and anxiety surrounding the outcome of something. Until you receive news, relax and distract yourself with something else. You need to distil the truth from a whole lot of words today.