Friday, July 30, 2021
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5th May 2019

ARIES: It’s apparent that you’re in ‘workaholic’ mode and will work feverishly to be ‘number on’ on the job. Your usual razor sharp instincts just became more aware.
TAURUS: You will have a blessed day of happiness today. It’s a brilliant time for you to make the most phenomenal deals and negotiations. A sudden attraction to someone is likely.
GEMINI: There’s just too much confusion in the air today. You feel stable when you’re with your partner, but the minute you turn to family it gets cloudy again.
CANCER: You have brilliant energy on your side now to push ahead in a career related goal. The drive to succeed won’t be this strong again for sometime so take advantage of it.
LEO: It seems as though you will have ample opportunity to move things along in the pursuit of your dreams. Someone from another culture might step in to help.
VIRGO: Today,you’ll have a difficult time focusing. It seems as if you can’t decide whether to pay attention to your career or your family.
LIBRA: You will learn crucial lessons about money and what you truly value. You’ll be able to move forward again in looking for that loan or mortgage. Funds are available through other sources.
SCORPIO: You can help a friend out by showing him or her a more spiritually advanced way to handle life’s troubles. You have a more realistic approach to goals now.
SAGITTARIUS: Your mouthpiece could be a little inflamed today, Be aware of the tendency to open up and chat away about something you might regret tomorrow.
CAPRICORN: Today will bring a day of happy feelings for all. You’ll feel it most in your sibling relations or a community social activity.
AQUARIUS: The action you take today will be rewarded in the larger scope of what you want to achieve. Broadcasting efforts are favoured.
PISCES: The potential for you to overdo it intellectually is strong. You could very well give yourself a headache with all the over-thinking you’re capable of today. Take it easy.