5th March 2020


ARIES: There may be compliments or other shows of appreciation coming your way, or you are attracting an admirer. You’re in touch with the gentler, more receptive side of your nature, and others are noticing. You’re inclined to share ideas, personal thoughts, feelings, and memories.
TAURUS: There can be a pleasant communication or connection today, dear Taurus, and you might gain a better understanding of a past matter. Mind you, there is more to the story that’s unfolding, making it wise to delay finalizing plans.
GEMINI: Appeal and friendships benefit, and conversations about the past can be meandering but useful, perhaps shedding some new light on a situation. If you’re looking for clear facts or discussions, though, you won’t be in luck for another five days.
CANCER: While there can be some interesting information coming in today, it may be best to recognize that you won’t get the whole picture just yet. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself! Matters will reveal themselves to you soon, and you don’t have to push anything, which may even be a relief.
LEO: You enjoy more variety and diversity in your life and today, sharing your philosophy with someone can be especially engaging. You’re likely to enjoy chatting with others and exchanging ideas or talking through problems. You’re in a good position to find easy solutions to problems, and a nice message can arrive, or a conversation can take place that puts you right at ease.
VIRGO: There can be a charming conversation or discovery of an intimate or personal nature that gets you thinking today. You may not know the full story on a matter yet, but you’re optimistic. You’re also in a good position to take a second look at a project or job
LIBRA: You may come to an understanding with a significant person in your life today due to a sense of shared values or respect for differing ones. You’re in great shape for personal appeal and solutions to relating problems that are much more than just cosmetic. Conversations about love, children, creative arts, hobbies, or entertainment can be pleasing and beneficial.
SCORPIO: You’re seeking peace in your domestic life, with family, and in your work or daily affairs today and you can come to a satisfying solution as you do. Good energy is with you for mending fences, enjoying others, and expressing your feelings. It’s nice to relax sufficiently to let your guard down.
SAGITTARIUS: This can be a time of standout pleasant conversations and cooperation. While there can be misunderstandings, it’s important to pay more attention to gestures than specific words chosen to express ourselves. There can be a pleasant feeling of devotion to a person, fantasy, or the idea of love today, and this can inspire creative works or ideas.
CAPRICORN: Several signs point to a stronger focus on getting along and companionability today. While you may have been doing more taking stock of your social life than pursuing it these days, you’re in a good place for joining with others now. Or, you might instead come to an understanding with someone or with a matter from the past.
AQUARIUS: Mistakes, delays, and miscommunications are likely, but you’re finding it easy to rise above problems and enjoy yourself despite them. It’s best not to make significant changes, decisions, or statements now, but it’s a generally good day to learn new things, perhaps about the past.
PISCES: You might discover a way to improve your financial state. Past love can come to mind or resurface in a significant way. There can be surprising support or memory and intuition that boosts your business or money situation. Let life inspire you today, but be a little more mindful in your communications and directions while taking note of new ideas.