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5th Khezhakeno Peoples’ Festival begins at Chida resort

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Khezhakeno, December 3: The 5th edition of Peoples’ Festival, an extended event of the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland commenced today at the ancestral village of the Nagas at Khezhakeno in Pfutsero sub-division of Phek district.
The festival organized by Khezhakeno Youth Organization (KYO) in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Nagaland is held at the naturally mesmerizing Chida Resort, Khezhakeno.
Addressing the inaugural session held at Tepfulomi Tazao, Additional Director of Tourism Department Viyielo Doulo said Khezhakeno being a historical place and the migration point of the Nagas and is true.
In this, he suggested that if Khezhakeno village authorities could share a plot of land to each Naga tribe to construct their morungs the real Hornbill Festival can happen here and that would be “a homecoming” for all the Naga tribes.
He told the village to be prepared to welcome and receive visitors with a good attitude to visitors and shared on how to boost tourism in the village.
He stated that boosting the tourism activities in the village will be an opportunity for economic generation and development.
Sharing about faith, hope and love, he expounded the need to love nature, flora and fauna and also stressed on the need for preservation and conservation of nature.
He said that tourism is not only about culture and tradition, but there are so many tourists who have different interests including nature and ecosystem.
Cultural Troupe, Khezhakeno enthralled with a folk song. Display of traditional games and activities marked the inaugural session chaired by Medovelo Sono, while Associate Pastor of KCRC Upper Pfolo. KYO president Lhouvietsho Pfüno tendered the vote of thanks.
The activities at Peoples’ Festival Chida Resort include U-14 wrestling, traditional tug-of-war, bamboo pole climbing, village walk, historical site visit, Hube cave, and adventure sports.
It will conclude on December 10.
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