5th June 2018


ARIES: Stars will help you if you put in serious effort. Your Professional life may become rather unpredictable and there may be misunderstanding and explosive exchange of words. Try to keep your attitude open and adjusting. Being emotional may cause more harm than good now.
TAURUS: Vision, optimism, the will to implement your ideas, all get a phenomenal fillip. You might have a really powerful and important encounter with a special person which puts stars in your eyes and which transforms your relationship.
GEMINI: You still create time for hobbies, new activities and time out with friends, new fields of study and even research into subjects that interest you. The efforts you make to try new techniques will be rewarding.
CANCER: Today stars endow you with a huge amount of self-confidence and poise, the assurance that you can think, act and be the way you want and defend your beliefs and stance. Today passions are shared and intentions are mutual, the commitment becomes deeper and more united.
LEO: Make this a day for keeping in touch with people and remembering old times. It’s a really good opportunity to make some headway in an ambition or long-term goal, even if you’re still only at the planning stage.
VIRGO: Today is a day for spending money on enjoyment. You may go out with your family and spend money like water. You seek solace in work and sustained the effort. Your genuineness shines forth. Be patient and you will win the day.
LIBRA: You ensure that you are steady, quiet and undemanding as you feel this is the best approach for you right now. Shared love can help you your innermost feelings and thoughts. Life’s deeper aspects and transitions come forward. You repay all your obligations in time.
SCORPIO: Pay particular attention to your friendships today, because the more you put into them the more you’ll get out of them You feel fine, generous and loving, but will express yourself in your own time.
SAGITTARIUS: A relaxing and happy day is in store for you today. Love and romance are the only considerations and new attractions dig deep into your soul.
CAPRICORN: There is much love underlying all your activities now. Your primary and almost total commitment is to your home, in terms of a family stronghold/refuge. Renovation, addition, redecoration, even actually building a home will be important activities and money shall be spent on them.
AQUARIUS: Today you shall plan projects which are of a creative nature and shall provide you satisfaction. Sort out the financial aspects of your proposals, perhaps by asking for some estimates or talking to your friends.
PISCES: An improved financial condition is a result of your own initiative, but don’t be unwilling to help those who are struggling with problems. Relationships have extra intensity today, which may or may not be a comfortable experience.