Sunday, April 18, 2021
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5th January 2020

ARIES: Sometimes there isn’t a good answer to the questions you ask. No matter how hard you try to reason your way to determine an outcome, it just doesn’t fit into your expectations. Expectations versus reality is an issue now. Instead of an answer, you are simply left with even more questions.
TAURUS: Do you remember when you were a kid and only had one dollar and eighty-seven cents in your pocket. You were still happy, right? The happiness was all you needed. Don’t get sidetracked by the glitz and glamour. You don’t need social credits to make you feel accepted.
GEMINI: You want more from your relationships now and you deserve it. You are activated to communicate and even forcefully demand your needs be met. Why shouldn’t you? People are only going to treat you with the level of respect that you demand from them.
CANCER: You have a spike in energy levels which means you can be extremely productive now. You want to dig your teeth into something challenging. You’re not even particularly worried about the competition. You have a new-found confidence which will slice and dice your enemies and those who get in your road now.
LEO: Exciting new developments in your work me new doors are opening. That may be the case, however, you need to be on point in all your discussions. You have to have the ability to improvise and change with the shifting goalposts. Someone calling the shots may be changing the terms and conditions.
VIRGO: You want to redirect your energy back to your home and family now. You may realise that the time you have with the ones you love is a lot less than you would prefer. That means making dramatic changes to your scheduling and diary. You may have to draw a line in the sand and tell yourself enough is enough.
LIBRA: Emotional hurts in the past may be like open wounds. Someone may inadvertently throw salt on one of yours. These transits are about becoming a little more thick-skinned. Don’t take innocuous statements to be a malicious undermining of your credibility.
SCORPIO: You may find yourself enjoying your company much more than you would have imagined. Others may find it hard to get their heads around why you may not want to be so social. Even though this may only be a temporary transit, you should make the most of it.
SAGITTARIUS: You may be momentarily surprised to hear some news on the grapevine. This may be work related. If you overreact it may be because you haven’t heard the truth. You mustn’t rely on second-hand information under these current celestial transits.
CAPRICORN: You want to take some dynamic steps today but feel as if your feet are glued to the ground. You need something exciting or novel to stimulate you into action. Ordinarily, you have no problem taking the initiative. But you need to be motivated by something special now. That could be romantic association that arises out of nowhere.
AQUARIUS: Remain consistent in yourself today. You have several paths or decisions to pursue. This may relate to your life goals or profession. If you are confused, don’t think for a moment that you have to make a decision right here and now.
PISCES: A rolling stone gathers no moss, so the saying goes. Perhaps not all that much interested in moss. This means travelling around, enjoying variety as the spice of life will be appealing now. Your communication mode is in high gear. You’ll be meeting many sorts of people and exchanging ideas of progressive nature.