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5th February 2019

ARIES: It’s a good time for your reputation, career, or public life, as well as for embracing your responsibilities and making mature, good-for-you choices. During this cycle that lasts through to the end of February, making personal contact with people in positions of authority or with the public can enhance your career and reputation.
TAURUS: You’re in particularly good shape for personal appeal, loving relationships, expressing your feelings and affections, and personal enjoyment. This cycle stimulates your desire for more variety and diversity in your life. Your tastes can be somewhat exotic now, and pleasingly so!
GEMINI: This is a time when you’re inclined to prefer one-on-one connections to larger social affairs, and this cycle lasts through to the end of February. With your practical affairs today, you appreciate the simple truth. You’re dedicated to and enjoying your work, and plan-making, in general, is satisfying now.
CANCER: You are conciliatory during this cycle that lasts through to the end of the month, and others seem to be in your corner. You are attracting appealing people, or positive and loving experiences with a person, into your life. Today, you can find yourself especially committed to a project, pursuit, or person.
LEO: You can turn heads and make progress by showing your affection in practical ways. Work and charm tie in with one another during this cycle, and this can mean attractions on the job for some or improved social relations in the work environment. Your ideas for work and methods are especially robust today, and your common sense can lead you to the right information.
VIRGO: Getting organized or using a focused approach to whatever you’re doing is satisfying now, and with your expectations of others as reasonable as they are today, you’re likely to feel good about the bonds you make. Feeling connected to something greater than yourself subtly lifts your spirits today, and showing your dedication to someone is pleasing as well.
LIBRA: You’re not as interested in venturing out, finding your tried-and-true pleasures most satisfying during this transit. With Venus, the planet of harmony, in favorable aspect to Vesta today, you’re in a terrific position to enjoy peaceful, realistic, and focused interactions.
SCORPIO: You’re presenting your ideas in a relatable, pleasing way, and you very often seem to know precisely what to say at the right moment. Love can be enhanced with satisfying communications, and people are drawn to your ideas and style. You can feel pleasantly devoted to a person or project today, and it feels good to focus on something important you rather than spreading your attention around.
SAGITTARIUS: While you often prefer to take things as they come, this transit that lasts until the end of February brings on a more security-conscious theme in your life. Pamper yourself by centering yourself, through earthy activities that keep you in the here and now.
CAPRICORN: You’re making especially sound decisions. Your increased ability to focus, concentrate, and apply yourself to something you love is evident now. You might also be moved to help someone out or extend a hand with advice and information. Your charm is standout now, particularly with direct, respectful communications and approaches.
AQUARIUS: You’re also especially focused on making your life more secure in crucial ways, and your attention is drawn to earthy, comforting, and natural activities that help you to heal, let go, decompress, and cleanse. You might also enjoy tying up some loose ends, especially financial ones.
PISCES: You’ll find it easier and more natural to attract friends who share common interests. Today is particularly favorable for joining together with someone to negotiate or reach an agreement. You might enjoy coming through for someone, and others notice and appreciate your efforts for their benefit.