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5th December 2019

ARIES: This is a good time to reconnect with old friends and to your family, to plan a trip home, or to share personal memories and stories with close acquaintances. You can understand and sympathize with others deeply now and can gain clarity about other’s emotional makeup.
TAURUS: You have to guard your space, your privacy and your feelings now and if you’re in a situation where someone is not respecting your needs it could mean that a battle is looming. You need to draw a circle around yourself now and make it clear in no uncertain terms that that is your territory.
GEMINI: If you’re feeling mentally lethargic, emotionally uninspired and creatively blocked, the secret is to simply stop what you’re doing for a while and rest at the moment without any expectation of yourself or demands on anyone else.
CANCER: Well, it looks like a new spark is about to erupt in an otherwise burnt-out relationship! Whether it is a fear of intimacy or a genuine need for more space that’s been getting in the way, things look like being resolved after a deep-and-meaningful.
LEO: Relationships and domestic matters are in the spotlight for you now and you desperately want to improve your relationships at every level. The question is, do you feel that this desire is being reciprocated by the other person in your life? If not, you may need to address this and in a head-on, perhaps confrontational way.
VIRGO: Your sense of purpose and determination is intensified especially in your work arena. Cordial relations with those you interact with on a professional basis could make you feel proud of the job you’re doing. You’re working through some system changes and new scheduling of your workload that could lead to greater efficiency.
LIBRA: If you are too quick to judge, you’ll realise soon enough that you are in error. Wait to hear the full story before making any comments. You need friends just now, and any sort of isolation will make you feel grumpy. Seek out people who have similar interests today.
SCORPIO: If you are upset that you do not have enough clientele or money coming in right now, you need to get proactive. Stop waiting for things to happen. You need to tailor your affairs to fit in with a slight imposition today. You should not restrain your imagination; let it soar.
SAGITTARIUS: At this time, it’s easy for you to avoid doing what you know needs doing. The finger of fate may be pointing directly at you and you’re conveniently looking the other way. Why is that? Is it fear? Is it just easier? You seem to care little about what this deeply reflects now in terms of your professional karma.
CAPRICORN: Be prepared for technical or electrical glitches. If you haven’t been constantly maintaining computers, printers or your mobile phone, you could be in for a headache. Changes that are being made in your domestic sphere, either by yourself or someone else, will cause you to re-evaluate who you are and where you wish to be emotionally.
AQUARIUS: Work continues to dominate your mind so this should be a great couple of days to latch onto any goodwill that is coming your way. But don’t let your ego simply revel in praise. You need to practically use the information and assistance of others to get a leg up and move to the next level of your professional plan.
PISCES: If you are looking for a sponsor or someone to advocate on your behalf, you need to put pressure on them today. You are getting bogged down in the minute detail and this is not going to help your cause. Be decisive. A trial performance in some new career path or environment may make you feel nervous.