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5th December 2018

ARIES: Liquidity crunch shall trouble you but you shall be influenced by the rising standard of living around and shall desire to acquire new goodies which shall put a further pressure on your financial position.
TAURUS: Your life will be much busier than usual today. Changes in the profession or with a career connection are possible this leads to major developments that will see a complete turnaround.
GEMINI: Take the time to organize your life and streamline your routines… less is better and simple can be divine.
CANCER: Today, you’ll be ready to have fun with your friends. The next two days may find you itching to do something new and exciting: why not take a day trip to a place of interest not far from your home town?
LEO: Make sure that all your papers are in order. You’ll experience friction with colleagues if you are too vocal about your beliefs, so try not to ruffle any feathers. It’s better to do your own thing and let others do theirs, today.
VIRGO: Keep a low profile early in the day, but then there’s an emphasis on converting a last minute deal.
LIBRA: As the door of opportunity begins to open, you may be tempted to do too much and then find yourself working at a tangent to those around you.
SCORPIO: Behind the scene activities will also be clear to you. You will be the subject of discussion and you will be rewarded.
SAGITTARIUS: Preparation for an upcoming celebration or party could keep you busy. Chemistry between you and your sweetheart bubbles, as the need to experiment rises.
CAPRICORN: If you can handle your emotions and let your head rule over your heart, you will earn appreciation and reward.
AQUARIUS: Quality time spent in the company of your love provides a sense of security and pumps up your energy.
PISCES: Opportunities will unfold if you give a little time to an experienced friend Your social calendar looks promising, but money may be a troublesome factor with a friend.