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5th August 2018

ARIES: On professional front, your actions are under check. So you need to be more discreet about what you are doing. This is the best time to express out your deepest emotions and hidden feeling to persons who matter. A female member of your family will offer the most understanding and sympathy.
TAURUS: Your world is about to blossom and expand in all sorts of exciting directions, so try not to limit yourself in any way during the coming fortnight. You might get the chance to go travelling, to learn something new or to become involved in a challenging project.
GEMINI: For most of you, the early part of the day is quite creative, though things get a bit tense as the hours roll on. If you are tempted to gamble, control the urge and don’t take any risks. Take some time out to revive relationships; most of your friends and family members are concerned about you and true.
CANCER: Today few shall enjoy a great time with youngsters. On the professional front it shall be better to postpone announcements of projects until they are fully developed, or someone working behind the scenes may try to undermine you.
LEO: Today for few your boss is likely to foresee an improvement in your performance. The best way to remain at safer ends is to complete your work as soon as you can and so avoid your boss being tempted to point to any issue. Fortunately, your colleagues and subordinates will be helpful.
VIRGO: On the professional front, it shall be better not to make rash decisions, especially while negotiating major financial deals. Those of you currently in loving relationships will find that romance continues to be in the air and you will love every minute you spend with your beloved.
LIBRA: Today some of you might act as peacemaker and the general centre of attention in social activities. Some tensions due to legal matters are likely to occupy your mind, so don’t make any promises that you will find difficult to keep. It’s an excellent evening to spend time with your partner, spouse or true love.
SCORPIO: It is the right time to put your skills into practice. With thoughts and actions in harmony, you can follow through and win people over. Your leadership qualities and sensitivity regarding other people’s needs shall come out today. Expressing your true self without any bias shall help you win favours in a big way.
SAGITTARIUS: Today, you’ll really enjoy immersing yourself in local activities and neighbourhood projects. Anything, in fact, that will help you to spend time with people you know well and allow you to spend more time in your local surroundings.
CAPRICORN: The focus lies on family relations and you will realize your duty towards your spouse and children. You will indulge into nurturing and caring for your children also pride over their achievements. You will meet to all the demands of the family very aptly.
AQUARIUS: Look after yourself today because you’re feeling very sensitive and it won’t take much to make you feel rejected or lonely. The trouble is that you’re placing too much importance on how loved ones are behaving towards you, so if someone is too busy to see you you’ll think it’s because you aren’t worth bothering with. Try not to take everything so personally.
PISCES: You long to do the right thing today, and that might mean bending over backwards to help others at considerable inconvenience to yourself. However, you should ask yourself why you’re doing this. Is it because of a genuine desire to help, because you want to be seen to be a nice person or because you hope to gain something from it.