5th Annual Lecture organized at Sazolie College


Dimapur, March 29: Sazolie College, Jotsoma, organised its 5th Annual Lecture on March 28 with Rev. Dr. Chingmak Kejong, Secretary, Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS), speaking on the topic, “Defining Change and Becoming the Change”.
Talking about change, Dr. Chingmak challenged the students to dare to be different although it may be arduous and difficult.
“In many aspects, our journey of life and thinking are influenced and restricted by the perceptions of friends and the society,” he said adding that opportunity comes to people who are brave.
He recounted how during the initial years of his social work he followed his heart and decided to do what he believed in although it was not easy.
He urged the students to broaden their horizon, be proactive and make the best of their present situation so that they can develop themselves and also bring about positive changes in the society.
Dr. Chingmak stated that change is about character and behaviour. That it lies within oneself. He spoke on the need to invest in building one’s good reputation and character so that others can benefit from us and be grateful for our lives.
He said that it is very important to live by the right principles in life and stick to them no matter what because the truth will never change.
He also dwelt on the importance of cultivating the habit of giving and said, “If we give, it will come back to us”.
Encouraging the students, Dr Chingmak told them to encourage themselves, work hard and carve a niche for themselves in life. “Nothing comes for free. We have to work for it”, he said.
He also encouraged and enlightened the gathering drawing from his vast areas of experiences working for the people and talking about the struggles and achievements of ECS over the years.
After his talk, Dr. Chingmak discussed at length the various questions posed by the students. During the interaction, he was joined by his daughter, Ms. Nuyong, who had recently finished her degree in Architecture from the US and is at present helping her parents and ECS in their works.
The programme was chaired by Vetsüzolü, Assistant Professor (Education). Dr. Kangzangding Thou, Principal, gave the Welcome Address and Robin Temsü, HoD (History) gave the Introduction. Toshinaro Imchen, Asst. Professor (English) and Semester VI Boys gave a special number, while Nzanthung Kikon, Chaplain, said a prayer.
(Page News Service)