24th March 2020


ARIES: This can be a highly emotional time as feelings break through to the surface. Relationships can be shaken up and new ideas about intimacy emerge. It is time to redefine the meaning of love and discover some new approaches to relationships.
TAURUS: Your professional ideals are changing and this could have a lot to do with some of the progressive thinkers you’re associating with presently. You’re starting to realise that work is not simply all about money but about satisfaction and creative expression.
GEMINI: You want to take some dynamic steps today but feel as if your feet are glued to the ground. You need something exciting or novel to stimulate you into action. Ordinarily, you have no problem taking the initiative. But you need to be motivated by something special now.
CANCER: Is anybody actually listening to anyone else right now? The meaning of sentences may be superficially understood however the deeper meaning is getting lost in crosstalk, texting and other digital noise. Take the time to listen with your heart to what is being said to you right now.
LEO: As far as your finances are concerned, live within your income. In spending money, try cutting your coat according to your cloth and adapt yourself to any changing winds of circumstances. It’s absolutely true that it’s the thought that counts and others will appreciate your offerings and gifts, irrespective of the monetary value.
VIRGO: Dealing with conservative people in your environment including parents could be your challenge at present. Try to communicate with them on their level for them to understand you clearly so that you convey a level of compassion.
LIBRA: A more intimate rapport with friends is indicated. You may, however, be hamstrung in making the available time for those people you care about most. You can make genuine efforts to reconnect with loved ones and rejuvenate the affection that’s been waning over previous months.
SCORPIO: Full good luck in your relationships can sometimes be the worst thing that happens because you run the risk of becoming complacent. There is a need to rejuvenate your relationship from the inside out. Be vigilant even if things seem to be going well.
SAGITTARIUS: You must overcome setbacks on the home front through appropriate communication with those causing problems. You’ll be received well for the efforts you make. Work-wise, for the sake of money you might be turning into a workaholic.
CAPRICORN: Long revisions are time-consuming. Don’t go cutting corners with your work under these transits especially when it comes to communications or other interactions as you’ll need to go back over your work and redo everything.
AQUARIUS: You may be looking at medical alternatives and different holistic practices to help sort out your physical and psychological wellbeing. Remain balanced in your views and make sure you’re not dealing with quacks. It will be difficult not to adopt a judgmental attitude with someone who’s not performing at their best.
PISCES: You can’t make changes if others aren’t consulted. If they’re amenable to a discussion you can walk them through your plans before moving forward. You’ll be accused of not being a team player, otherwise. Use reverse psychology to persuade others to take on board your suggestions.