22nd March 2020


ARIES: You may feel weird today because of an unusual attraction to some sort of situation. You’re original in thought and want to take risks. You also don’t feel as if your desires fit in with your usual peer group expectations. Enjoy this very important moment of difference and make no apologies for it.
TAURUS: You find yourself in a great situation today with friends who are sympathetic to your ideals. You must try as hard as possible to avoid discussions over money, finance etc. These transits now lend themselves more to psychological, philosophical and spiritual discussions.
GEMINI: Your drive to assert yourself and make an impact on the world, meet with some opposition now so you must be adaptable. External forces over which you have no control seem to subtly undermine your efforts – or try to overpower you altogether.
CANCER: You may need to go undercover today to get something sorted out, especially if it’s in the best interests of the group. Making a strong commitment to someone before getting to know them may cause regret. Ask serious questions.
LEO: Right now, life probably seems like an enormous weight on your shoulders. Your obligations and responsibilities are wearing you down, and getting the better of you. Be careful not to fall into self-pity, and remember that this low point is simply a tiny part of the emotional rollercoaster of life.
VIRGO: There are going to be constant changes in your home life over the coming days. You need to be on your toes to deal with that effectively. This is primarily a result of overextending yourself socially and hitting the town hard. Everyone is making demands on you.
LIBRA: Look for physical and mental pastimes that fulfil you. You may need to partner up with others who are just as competitive as you. It’s okay to emulate other people’s lives but don’t ever try to walk their path. Be courageous enough to live your own truth.
SCORPIO: Bad company and fish stink after three days. If you have to spend some extended periods with friends or family this weekend, heed the advice of the above and put a two-day ceiling on the time frame. It’s true that even the best of friends and loved ones can start to irritate us after lengthy bouts.
SAGITTARIUS: You may find solace in returning to someplace or environment that gave you happiness earlier in your life. Is this phase of your life comes to an end delving into your past may be a way of tying up these circumstantial loose ends? Opportunities that benefit your career and public life will present themselves as long as you remain clear-headed.
CAPRICORN: You can consolidate much of your work now. Expect a burst of emotional energy towards your work and professional objectives now that this restrictive aspect has passed. Don’t let it derail you from the important work at hand.
AQUARIUS: Communication has been held up but is likely to come through, much to your satisfaction. Are you working for a hard-nosed employer? It won’t be easy to solve the issue at this time but a clear and concise expression will resolve any issues now. You would be looking at new techniques of communication including non-verbal cues.
PISCES: Under the current astrological transits, your work practices will be misdirected during the coming days so you need to be a step ahead of this trend. You may not realize it but you’re upstaging others and this is somehow creating opposition from others. This, in turn, will obstruct you on the ladder of success and make you feel unhappy.