Wednesday, September 22, 2021

56th PSA meet ends

Kohima, December 21: The 56th meet of Phek Sports Association (PSA) concluded today at Phek Village Local Ground.
New Town Team emerged the overall champion.
Tehecece Nado (TN) Khel lifted the champion title of both men and women football.
Chosaba team won both men and women basketball and volleyball event.
Individual champion (Men): Luzi-o Venuh & Khoku Keyho. Individual champion (Women): Tsievetolii Keyho and Muguzolii Venuh.
Thiipukhruyi Venuh graced the valedictory function and gave away prize to the winners.
The meet was held under the presidentship Vekuto Chizo with Shurhonieyi Soho as field marshal and Vekhosheyi Keyho as chief referee.
Meanwhile, a new team of PSA for the tenure 2019 -2020 will be led by Shurhoneyi Soho as president and Ozo Venuh as general secretary among the others. (Page News Service)