Saturday, January 23, 2021
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ARIES: Expenses increase as you throw all care to the wind. Your high level of confidence in the universe will provide you with everything you need. Remember, you do at times have to be a little more practical with your money.
TAURUS: Your family may turn on you now, or so you may feel and that’s only because you’ve been generous in revealing too much of your personal life to them. Keeping things closer to your chest isn’t always easy, as you don’t want to be seen as holding out.
GEMINI: It’s not that you’re being discredited’ it’s just that your insecurity may be shining through now, especially if you find yourself neck high in a work or professional situation, which happens to be out of your depth. The solution to this is being informed and once informed, becoming even better informed.
CANCER: Working enthusiastically with a clear objective in mind isn’t easy right now. Advancing your professional goals could be under a cloud, as things are changing in your profession. Now, more than ever, you need to be part of the team and garner their support.
LEO: Being unwilling to accept a situation may cause you to feel apathetic amidst the commotion that is emerging. You perhaps feign disinterest on the outside, while fuming within. What’s the point of suppressing all of these negative feelings, when indeed, you should be speaking about this, especially if it relates to someone you are close to.
VIRGO: You’ll be a great support to your friends and those less experienced than you at present. But be prepared for some topsy-turvy unexpected twists and turns in your relationships with these people. Becoming embroiled in their problems may become a can of worms.
LIBRA: It’s a wired, edgy sort of day, with the planets creating some confusion. This is likely to be an intense day. You need to dive into the eye of the storm, yet remain calm. Get plenty of rest beforehand. Negotiations may be on the table, but look at the fine print before making commitments.
SCORPIO: You feel wild and may act in an impulsive manner, which could embarrass you later. Emotional outbursts are likely, especially if you’ve been feeling constrained or stressed. You may be tempted to solve your problems by quickly disposing of them (e.g. quit your job, divorce, etc.) without careful thought.
SAGITTARIUS: Sometimes you just have to harmonise with the barbarians around you. If they happen to be family members, then it’s a little more difficult. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose family. Issues of a personal nature are high on your agenda.
CAPRICORN: The pace picks up now. You’ll focus more clearly on work, without feeling that others are a distraction. You’ll initiate new projects and take the lead, even if opposed by others. Yes, you’ll be successful in gaining an unfair advantage, but mustn’t alienate friends or co-workers in the process.
AQUARIUS: It’s time to voice your opinion and engage in healthy competitive activities. It may be that it’s been some time since you’ve done this. Sport is an excellent way to redirect your pent-up energy. Also, exercise your creativity, because this is also an excellent time to share your creative expression with others.
PISCES: You have amorous feelings at this time. You may find yourself connected to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. This could even include old kick-about-friends from school. Actually, you feel connected to anyone you happen to meet during this cycle.