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550 Prakash Parv Of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

November 12 is the birth day of a great personality of our country. This personality was not an ordinary person. They were extraordinary. This is the reason that today not only Bharat but the whole world is celebrating the festival of Prakash Parv in the name of that great personality. His name is Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in Talwandi (present Nankana Sahib) 550 years ago. His father’s name was Kaluchand Bedi and mother’s name was Tripta. His birth was also not ordinary. The society was suffering from the tyranny of the Rulers. Hearing the call of the oppressed society, as a famine ancestor was born only to protect the tyranny and suffering society from atrocities. Hardayal, a priest of Talwandi village, announced the sighting of the infant Nanak. Hardayal said that the secret of God is hidden in the infant.
Shikh Dharm is considered Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji an ideal avatar not only for the Sikh society but for all human races. His life and Dharm philosophy is epoch-making and public welfare philosophy. He was against the renunciation of house holder. He followed the role of householder for public welfare and continued to play the role of indifferent householder throughout his life. He described chanting, kirtana and wand chhakna as the mantra of successful household life.
There is a wonderful incident in the life of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Once Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji went to a village and stayed in the house of a poor family. When the richest person of that village came to know that a great saint had come to this village, he invited him to stay in his house. But Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not accept to live in that rich house. The rich man also tried to give greed, but even then Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji did not accept him at all. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji was forcefully called to his house by that rich man. The rich man told Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji that you should eat bread at my house. But Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that I cannot eat the bread of your house. Then Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji asked for bread from a poor house holder. He also asked for bread from rich person. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji took both the bread in each hand, strongly pressed the bread separately with both hands. From which milk started coming out from the bread of poor house and blood started flowing from the bread of rich house. Then Guru Nanak Ji said that only the money earned honestly gives milk. Therefore, you too earn earnestly. Seeing this, the rich man fell at the feet of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. And then rich man became his favourite disciple.
There are many aspects of the life of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He was a great philosopher and thinker who addressed the spiritual curiosities of the common man. He was also a great saint poet, who struck the hearts of the people with his melodious simple voice. He explained to people in very simple language that all humans are siblings of each other. God is the common father of all, then how can we be high despite being a child of one father? To give the slogan of equality in society, he said that God is our father. We are all his children. Nobody is small or big in the eyes of the father. God produces us and sends food to fill our stomachs. In the eyes of a father, there is no question of caste. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji opposed the caste. He told the society that mankind is one. Why high and low due to caste. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji said that do not ask the caste of man. When a person goes to the shrine of God, he will not be asked to go there. Only human actions will be seen. Similarly, Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji also strongly criticized Fore-Father worship, Tantra -Mantra and un-touch ability. Sri Guru Nanak sahib is a bridge between Hindus and Muslims. Hindus consider him as a Guru and Muslim as Pir. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, who was always opposed to high and low caste, treated everyone as equal and started the lungar of Guru, where it is the practice of sitting in the same line and having food. In Gurdwara of Dimapur residents always get an opportunity to see.
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji composed Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The voice of Shri Guru Granth Sahib begins with the original mantra. This basic mantra tells us the definition of the God who is worshiped in different forms. Sri Guru Granth Sahib states:
One Okara, Satnam, Karta Purakh (Paramatma), Nirbhun, Nirveer, Akal Murat, Ajuni, Syambhai , Guruprasad.
Omkar-Akal Purakh (God) is one. No one else likes them. All that juice is pervasive, which is present everywhere.
Satnam means – Akal Purakh i.e. the name of God is the truest. This name is always unalterable, everlasting.
Karta purkh means – He is the creator of everything. He does everything. He cooks everything and adds to it, settles.
It has been said about Nirbhaun – Akal Purakh has no fear of anyone.
Nirvar Akal Purakh has no enmity with anyone.It has been said about the famine statue that the Lord is tomorrow, timeless. Time does not affect them. He does not know childhood, youth, old age and death. There is no idol in its shape.
Ajni means – he does not fall into vaginas. He is neither born nor dies.
Swayam means – no one has given birth to him or made him. He himself has become light.
Guruprasad – By the grace of the Guru, God resides in the heart.
Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji himself is a light. That is why the festival of light is celebrated.
We are all observing the 550 Prakash festival of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
This Guru Mantra of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the mainstay of Sikh. With the conscience remember the name of God. Work with sincerity and hard work with effort. Serve helpless, unhappy, afflicted, needy humans with money earned. The whole world views Sikh society with respect and self- respect. The anchor of the Gurudwara is a great service. This is the only example in the world.
Pankaj Sinha, Dimapur

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