21 January 2020

Last updated on: January 21, 2020 at 9:46 pm IST


ARIES: You’re feeling optimistic and this will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life soon. In fact, some of your friends may wonder if something is wrong. Believe it or not, this is the way you should naturally feel and it’s not a bad idea to dig deep to see precisely what has caused such a particularly good mood.
TAURUS: Don’t let confusion or a lack of understanding of finances dictate your financial transactions. You may be dealing with salespeople. Those who are quick off the mark and more experienced in their financial understanding may get the better of you. Give yourself additional time to fully understand their logic.
GEMINI: Some of your dreams will come true now and that’s literally. Pay attention to what is being thrown up from your subconscious as this may offer you vital clues as to how you should live your life in the coming months. Make a dream diary and note down your feelings and visions during your sleep.
CANCER: You probably need a good clean and de-clutter to create some space and peace. If you’re pushed for room and need more storage area, you’d be surprised at how much junk is accumulated over the years. Try doing an early spring clean and see the difference it makes.
LEO: You need to reassess the nature of the work you are doing to see whether or not you are earning what you deserve. There’s no point complaining that you’re not getting ahead and on saving enough money. You are responsible for where you are and can change things if you want.
VIRGO: Your sexual responses will be very important in determining the mode of your relationships at present. You could be afraid that your level of affection or demonstrativeness is either not sufficient or possibly not in keeping with what your partner desires.
LIBRA: Learning the facts is one thing however memorising them and committing them to your biological memory banks is another thing especially when you need to recall them spontaneously. You can practice by firstly remembering people’s names when you meet them.
SCORPIO: Your plans could be at odds with your partner or a friend particularly if this relates to travel. Before disputing the agenda why not separately write down what you feel is your preferred list of destinations and activities and then share your ideas with each other in a cordial fashion.
SAGITTARIUS: It could be one of those days waiting on that call or visit from a friend. You might have been certain that the plans were clearly agreed upon. Unfortunately, it may not be that simple. There could be a miscommunication which will cause you to be waiting around quite a while.
CAPRICORN: You may not approve of the behaviour of a friend but will need to be particularly careful as to how you address this issue. You could be feeling embarrassed by someone’s verbal or fashion expression and need to say something about it soon otherwise it could impact upon your own self-respect.
AQUARIUS: You need to show some goodwill in a situation and not simply count the dollars or cents especially if you’re expending more time and energy on a project or person than you had expected. A charitable deed will not go unnoticed even though this is not the main reason to do a favour for someone.
PISCES: You’re in your own element today. Even if others don’t approve of the way you do things stick to your guns. The saying which applies today in this respect is If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Perhaps you or someone else is trying to find a reason to change things for no good cause.