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50th ASA Meet: NASA sweeps indoor games; emerges overall champion

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Naga wrestling championship today

Kohima, February 17: The Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) swept the Indoor games on the fourth day today and has emerged as the overall champion of the 50th Meet of Angami Sports Association (ASA).
With a haul of 66 medals, including 26 gold, 29 silver and 11 bronze, NASA undisputed the overall champion of the week-long sporting festival which commenced on February 14.
On the other hand, Southern Angami Sports Association (SASA) won both men’s and women’s category of volleyball and are second in the medals tally. They have achieved 31 medals – 11 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals.
With five medals, 2 gold, one silver and two bronze medals – Western Angami Youth Organisation (WAYO) has taken the third place while Chakhroma Youth Organisation (CYO) with four medals – two gold and one each silver and bronze is the last one.
Meanwhile, Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio will grace the senior category of Naga style wrestling of the 50th ASA meet at 9AM in Local Ground here on Friday. Altogether 60 wrestlers from the four ASA units will compete for the champion’s title.
The junior category will be held on Saturday.
Day-IV results of 50th ASA meet are as follows:
Table Tennis (men singles)
1st = Seyievilie Seyie (NASA)
2nd = Kevilevor Metha (NASA)
Table Tennis (women singles)
1st = Zelhouneinuo Rame (NASA)
2nd = Thejavinuo Rio (NASA)
Table Tennis (mens double)
1st = Vizosanyü Rutsa & Thejangutuo Solo (NASA)
2nd = Kevilevor Metha & Dziesevituo Metha (NASA)
Table Tennis (women’s double)
1st = Vichaduonuo Rame & Ketoulhounuo Rame (NASA)
2nd = Kevilenuo Pfusenuo & Kevisenuo Pfusenuo (NASA)
Badminton (men’s singles)
1st = Vikehietuo Kense (NASA)
2nd = Ayo Sakhrü (SASA)
Badminton (women singles)
1st = Nguluonuo Miachie-o (NASA)
2nd = Ruokuoneinuo Kire (NASA)
Badminton (mens double)
1st = Vikehietuo Kense & Zhakuo Seyie (NASA)
2nd = Akhrietuo Suokhrie & Teisovise Khruomo (NASA)
Badminton (women’s double)
1st = Nguluonuo Miachie-o & Dzüziengunuo Linyü (NASA)
2nd = Ruokuokhrienuo Chadi & Vizophrenuo Semou (NASA)
Badminton (mixed double)
1st = Rüvuokhrielie Roland Pienyü & Ruokuoneinuo Kire (NASA)
2nd = Viriako Chase & Kevisekho-ü Kuotsu (WAYO)
Volleyball (men)
1st = SASA
2nd = NASA
Volleyball (women)
1st = SASA
2nd = NASA
Football (men)
1st = WAYO
2nd = NASA
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