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5 Capped Langur found dead in Assam’s Bihali reserve forest

Capped Langur
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Tezpur, (Assam) January 8: The carcasses of five Capped Langur, which falls in the ‘rare’ category, was found in Bihali reserve forest in Assam’s Biswanath district bordering Arunachal Pradesh, a forest officer said on Saturday.
Members of a wildlife conservation agency recently found the carcasses near Hatdipu and Ranga picnic spots in the reserve forest.
Biswanath Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Arun Vignes said that poachers had killed the monkeys and taken away the skin, bones and tail of the animals. The Forest Department has registered a case.
Raids are being conducted in adjoining areas as there is an apprehension that more wild animals might have been killed by the poachers, he said.
The reserve forest has been a hunting ground for poachers, especially for wild elephants. It houses four species of monkeys — Rhesus Macaque (least threatened) Capped Langur, (rare) Assamese Macaque (near threatened) and Slow Loris (endangered). (PTI)