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5 August 2020

ARIES: You’re relentless in your pursuit of an objective and have lots of physical drive to make your dreams a reality. This is a continuation of the more recent Sun and Pluto energies. They are still influencing you at the moment.

TAURUS: You need to settle some score with someone today but according to you, words may not be enough. You’ll only relax once you sort the matter out. If it’s a debt, this could get legal so don’t go attacking with all guns blazing just yet.

GEMINI: Stop pretending you know what’s going on when you don’t. Humility is the best course of action now. Things may not go to plan today, but rest assured that the universe is perfect in its planning. Consider the possibilities and a positive spin on what happens today.

CANCER: Travel expenses may be covered by your place of employment or organization. Financial aid proves beneficial. You must go solo rather than joining the crowd. You’ll feel as if your identity is lost if you don’t take more control of your goals.

LEO: You need unambiguous answers to your financial issues especially. These may be related to real estate and other fixed assets. Having to decide what experts say bothers you. Rather than feeling threatened by a junior in your workplace, try to work more closely with them.

VIRGO: It’s a busy time right now. You need plenty of rest to cope with what’s on your plate. Get a few extra hours sleep and it’ll make a big difference. Others could be the source of your problems and delays at the moment. Leave extra time up your sleeve in case circumstances obstruct you.

LIBRA: Your emotions are highly sensitised. Your mind is bright and able to absorb new ideas. Enjoy a little more education. Usually, luck is something that needs to be helped along by personal efforts. By the same token, there are moments when a small win or a gift makes you feel as though luck is something you don’t need to contribute to.

SCORPIO: A constructive attitude helps you achieve a whole lot today. Don’t be distracted by those who are flippant or less focused. You’ll be worried about money and don’t know how to deal with mounting bills.

SAGITTARIUS: Contracts and other verbal agreements occupy your attention now. Important career developments hinge on giving extra time and energy to that. You may be praised or receive recognition for the work that you’re doing and can feel a big change coming.

CAPRICORN: In the dog-eat-dog world of business, you need to be on the cutting edge of technology to beat your competitors. You may have fallen behind in keeping up. You have an opportunity to sharpen that edge and make a difference within your sphere of influence.

AQUARIUS: You have to think differently today. Use your creative thinking to differentiate yourself from others. Stepping outside the square isn’t always easy but it’s the way to win over or beat your competitors. You need to also fight temptation especially if it relates to some pleasure you’d ordinarily refuse.

PISCES: A legal or government issue that’s been bothering you should take a turn for the better now. You are in combat mode due to a buildup of your frustrations over this matter. Things start to improve but expect a little angst along the way.